She just works a lot better with tanks who operate more by avoiding damage than directly tanking it. Zenyatta is a Support hero in Overwatch. Similarly don't always spam left click as soon as someone engages you. Know when to be stealthy: Be careful about firing off random spam shots, or pre-fire, if you're in danger of letting your presence be known. Zenyatta Information. Because a fully charged volley takes 3 seconds to charge. But if you have a mobile hero who can go and contest that highground, Zenyatta's kit is extremely valuable, as Mercy is really the only other Hero who could enable those teammates to dive up there and disrupt that map advantage. Step back up to our complete Overwatch character guide. This ultimate is great for helping your entire team out of a tight spot. Reaper ( close range you stand no chance) shot gun rips u apart. If you're unable to avoid/deal with those dives or your team simply lacks healing then you need to switch. There's this 6th sense you need to have when playing Zen on who to discord and when.

Zenyatta is a support character through and through, and he’s most useful when linked with other teammates. Road Hog. However, if the enemy's comp lacks vertical mobility or long-range attacks, use the high ground. r/OverwatchUniversity is a community dedicated to helping players improve and learn by providing a place where they can share and discuss strategies or ideas, ask questions, post guides and more! Maybe he blocks some damage in between Orisa shields, but that’s literally all he’s doing. Great guide, though i have some questions, about positioning, when close to my tanks, how close should i be?

In order to touch a point to proc overtime, To save your life when getting dove. The reasoning behind this is because when you are that close you can get instant peel from your team and it makes it harder for you to get dove. Learn how many shots it takes you to kill targets and melee cancel only when it'll kill an enemy, you lose a lot of potential dps if you melee cancel every shot in close range. Zen should not constantly be on the payload. You cannot hide or escape from a good Tracer of Genji – so take the fight.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He’s easy because none of his abilities require any skill beyond aiming at heroes and remembering to move your two orbs to new targets. But tbh better players will either find a position where they loose los of the sombra or react instantly when they see the translocator in the air and sombra teleporting. Achievement unlocked! 26. It’s not like watching a GM dps player where it’s obvious that I can’t play at their level. Orb of Destruction is Zenyatta's weapon. I'm sure we can get 25-50 more tips just from the commenters on this thread. I was checking the overbuff website and noticed that I consistently place in the 66 percentile with every character. Ana’s biotic grenade can negate your ult, and an enemy Zen popping his after yours can ruin your team. You often want to be even further away from the enemy than a McCree and a Soldier would be, unless in some cases, getting a little bit close helps your aim. Lastly, indoors gives zenyatta a huge 1v1 advantage especially in a hallway, if flanking characters don't have space to flank, and long range character have to come inside where it's close range, you have a huge advantage. First of all, there isn't one set order for priorities. The orbs are projectiles, but they fly in a straight line, and their travel speed is high, and there is no damage drop-off at range. Zenyatta is completely invincible while it’s in use, and teammates around him get huge healing. Always know where the nearest cover, health pack, and ally are. You are briefly the best tank in the game.

Can easily one clip you. Some of the Healers can get away with Dying a little more often since they can quickly get back, Zenyatta is not one of them. Prioritize your orb usage. The shield nerfs were big buffs for Zen as a DPS, and the relative nerfing of the Snipers recently are also "buffs" for Zenyatta (although he still gets demolished, it's just a little less often), and same goes for Doomfist tweaks. PS4. I'm masters level zenyatta, here's some not so obvious tips that add to the ones mentioned, and definitely come into play at higher levels.

If she is a bit further away, the spread on the rockets is too great to get that sort of dps. 2. If they're on high ground or any other advantageous spot, pop a discord on them and land a couple shots, they'll either run and hide or drop down to get heals. Use housing or anywhere indoors, this has three big uses. Shooting one at a time will net you a higher percentage amount of shots hit than throwing a volley, which you not only have to time correctly with enemies being exposed, but depending on the distance you need to 100% nail leading them with the projectile. You can animation cancel your volley by melee'ing, which is an important thing because if you let your volleys fly knowing that they won't hit anybody, you'll be giving away your exact position to the enemy from them seeing where it came from. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

When deciding which teammate to heal, you need to keep several things in mind.

Hope this doesn't go unnappreciated, you formatted this super well.

As for my discord target, I try to aid teammates that are already engaging an enemy. Positioning: There are two different types of positioning. Or find out how to counter Zenyatta with our Overwatch counter guide. Pro tips coming up, you see jjonak doing these all the time. Mccree. You want to be able to consistently hit shots, and as you get more used to Zen’s firing you’ll be able to speed up how quickly you can shoot... but the main thing is landing every one of your shots without missing. Especially not ahead of the tanks. certain low ground enemies) before trying to take down well-fortified enemies. Zenyatta is generally better on attack than on defense. Find more information here. Orb Of Destruction [LMB/RMB] – Zenyatta makes up for his pitiful health points by packing a mean punch with his Orbs of Destruction. Also, what would you say diamond zens lack most?

That's how I got mine: it was a boring morning and I was playing some quick play to kill time. Applies to healing orb to one ally, but the ally must remain within Zenyatta’s line of sight to receive its effects. Any target at all is better than a few seconds of no orbs at all. He focuses a lot on positioning, which I think is key (especially on zen) and what helped me to reduce my deaths and add more value. Your primary and secondary fire have no damage drop-off and your orbs have very long range. If you know that an enemy has a tactical visor or blade, position yourself to react towards it and avoid dying while its up. From that perspective, having Trans for certain ultimates (Dragons, Genji Blade, Pharah Ult, Grav, etc) is where that ultimate's utility shines over something like Lucio's Beat. Note that this does not always mean ‘the nearest player to your spawn’ as when your team moves, dives, or flanks, being ‘at the back’ means moving with them – you want to be at the opposite side of your main tank relative to the enemy team.

Since you're an easy pick-off target, this is all part of knowing when to expose yourself. ( also helps if you need to quickly cancel it to deal with a diver).

Watch Jjonak and be aware of his positioning and how he creates opportunities for his team. If they dive you, do this carefully and have a safe way down. Play behind your back line, but not too far where no one can peel for you. Orb of Discord [E] – This ability places a floating Orb of Discord on an enemy unit, increasing the damage they take from your team by 50%. My wife got it after about ten hours playing Zen (this is her first FPS) and immediately started screaming. Zarya. For me its a force of habit so I wouldn't say its hard, not for me at least. on defense its good tho. Is this true and should I switch to another support character or are there more effective ways i can use Zen?? Healing tanks will take much longer and they can be overwhelmed with damage which is better negated by a mercy, Ana or Moira. Contesting the payload for .3 seconds does jack shit for the overall game, but that 25 second walkback is far more detrimental.

This requires no small amount of situational awareness, gamesense, and a feel for the flow of battle. just get the cultist skin and mumble weird incantations over voice chat. Warzone weapon stats for Season 6 Personally I position fairly normally, since if they never use the ult and you spend significant portions of the fight hiding you're just putting your team at a disadvantage for nothing. I am currently stuck there and want to step up my play as much as possible :D. For your first question, you should be within 5-10 meters of your team. When someone is Discorded and you have the opportunity to charge your shot, you’ve become a high-powered sniper who can see through walls. There are good reasons to discord both tanks (more absolute damage) and squishies (they go from easy to super-easy). If they can't see you, they won't target you. In general, you want to be at the back of your team. This is definitely true for people who still have some mechanical issues with Zen. What the hell happened? If you consistently have gold healing then your friend is likely a DPS Moira.

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