You know what this means: if you’re trying to unwind after work – glass of red wine in hand – to the dulcet tones of John Coltrane, but your teenager is amping up the Wu-Tang Clan upstairs, the twain never need meet. ", Lyft Eschew Uber for a Lyft. ADT PulseADT Pulse($36.99 per month at ADT) offers just about everything you could want in a full-service home security system, and you can control all of if it through your Echo device. There are even Amazon Echo Buttons that work with your speaker and the Amazon Echo Connect, which turns your speaker into a landline phone. You can ask her about drug side effects, particular diseases or conditions or symptoms, get definitions of complicated medical terms, and more. This skill also becomes part of your Flash Briefing, and is brought to you by the fine folks at TuneIn. "This skill contains dynamic content," Amazon warns. We've combed through them for this look at the best skills currently available on Alexa. Bliss. Here you can browse through thousands of excellent skills by category, and add them right to your Alexa without having to use your voice. Use the Amazon website. It all started several years ago with Amazon's Echo, a smart speaker with a built-in audio-control interface named Alexa. You don't need a Kayak account to enable it. Tap Skills and Games. Just remember to take notes as you hear back about your next location, so that you don’t forget the info! Short Bedtime Story Call up this skill using a particular name—like that of your child—and Alexa will tell a personalized bedtime tale. Invocations: "Alexa, open Twitter""Alexa, ask Twitter for trends." I'll say. The voice assistant can also educate you about all sorts of fascinating topics, with skills such as Panda Facts, Scottish Mountain Facts, Zumba Facts and Sausage Facts — which is humorously listed as a skill with “dynamic content” on Amazon’s website. The first, and certainly the most fun, is Jeopardy! Invocations: "Alexa, ask Uber for a ride. ""Alexa ask Tarot Reader to describe the Six of Staffs reversed. With so many to choose from, which skills are worth your time? To enable a skill, you can ask your Alexa device to activate it, or click through while you're signed into your Amazon account and click "Enable.". It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone in order to listen to new songs. ", Uber Your feelings toward Uber may be complicated, but there is no denying it's the leading rideshare service. The skill current comes with 30 different animal poses including Armadillo, Butterfly, Chameleon, Dragon, Elephant, Frog, Giraffe, Kangaroo, Octupus, Seahorse, Turtle, and more. To have Alexa pick a random animal for you, say "Play Random". Given the Echo Show is the only Echo device with a screen plonked on the front, there are a number of different apps exclusively available on Amazon's latest. It gets smarter and more powerful as Amazon adds features—Echo owners get a weekly newsletter spelling out those new options. As for iOS users among you, we’re awaiting word as to when (and indeed if) the service will be extended beyond Android. Invocations: "Alexa, open Beat the Intro. Meanwhile, if you're a news junkie (although if you're not, I frankly don't blame you, given our pitiable political climate), you can get get a daily briefing on current affairs, thanks to BBC News, which gives you a quickfire roundup of the news. Can't wait for us to update this page with more skills? Get to know about the tracks topping the billboards and rocking the audience using the Alexa skill which lets you search for the top music in the US. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. '", WebMDDoctors don't like when you go to WebMD and diagnose your own maladies. Invocations: "Alexa, turn on the bedroom light""Alexa, dim the hall lights" "Alexa, turn on the bedroom fan" "Alexa, set kitchen temperature to 72 degress""Alexa, lock the front door" "Alexa, is the back door locked?" Tap the icon in the top-left corner. You can also get random drink recipes, or find a drink to make based on the ingredients you have on hand. Smart Speakers are making huge names since last year and it’s here to stay. Invocations: "Alexa, open MyFord Mobile. We all want easy access to our movies and music. Once you're a member of Ask My Buddy, you'll get a monthly email newsletter with news and tips on using the service. Every command has to start with "Alexa, ask [or 'tell'] Plex to..." Invocations: "Alexa, ask Plex to switch my default server""Alexa, ask Plex to Play (or pause, resume, stop) ________""Alexa, ask Plex to shuffle music by ________""Alexa, ask Plex what's been recently added""Alexa, tell Plex I don't know what to watch." 148 “Alexa, open animal sounds.” Animal Sounds. It allows you to ask Alexa to play movies from your digital collection. It's all due to the power of Alexa. For now, it only works for one pregnancy/child at a time—unless you've got twins or triplets in the oven. Just say the right words, and your chariot will be at your home in a matter of minutes. Alexa can also provide you with the statuses of your security system and connected ADT devices, like telling you if you left the hall light on, what the current temperature is in your home, or if the front door is locked. ", Astrology ZoneFor all you astrology aficionados, Susan Miller's Astrology Zone can have Alexa read your daily horoscopes for today, tomorrow, or any sign requsted. ""Ask ADT to take* a video clip from my 'Back Door Camera'. You don’t need your phone or computer to buy these deals, either—Alexa handles everything with your voice. But this skill went through a lot of development since its introduction. You just have to connect this skill to your Twitter account and it will make a world of difference. It's also supported in the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote media hubs and is moving into many others, including appliances and vehicles. Invocations: "Alexa, set downstairs Nest to 72 degress" or "Alexa, increase master bedroom temperature by 4 degrees.". Think of them as the third-party apps you can add to Alexa, like you add apps to a smartphone. You can change your due date (there's a calculator) at any time by asking "Alexa, ask What to Expect to change my due date." Alexa also lets you talk to the wider world, right from the cosiest corners of your home. The latest update to the skill tracks your workout so if you quit in the middle, you can resume it later, plus adds images and tutorials that are accessible in the Alexa app on the phone or tablet. Link the free account you set up at (it'll come up when you click the Enable skill button); once the account is registered, you'll get a welcome email. - so in the future, you can save your mental capacity for loftier issues. Remember the classic "I've fallen! ""Ask ADT, what is the temperature of my thermostat? Invocations: "Alexa, open WebMD" or "Alexa, ask WebMD what are the side effects of _____?" To use this skill, your entire family, or the group you want to reach, will need to download the corresponding app; once that’s done, you can tell Alexa to send a message like “Dinner is ready” or “Stop drinking all of my Pimm’s” and the people you’ve defined as family members will get an instant notification on their phones. There are now more Alexa-enabled devices than ever, from the Echo itself to the Amazon Echo Dot( at Amazon), the more portable Amazon Tap($59.99 at Amazon), and the Amazon Echo Look. The developers at also created skills for other radio show podcasts such as Dragnet, Philip Marlowe, Sherlock Holmes, and many others. By enabling this skill, you can have Alexa collect new Instant Pot recipes. On the skill's description page, you'll see the option to Enable to use - tap it. So far, the story choices are limited, but the popularity of this skill will probably mean expansion in the future. Have I been pwned? But these skills are better with a screen. Alexa, what's in the news? ", The History Channel presents this skill to give you a rundown on the big events that happened on any day in the past. DittySay what you want to the Ditty skill—a message to a loved one, a clever saying, whatever you like—and it'll auto-tune your words into a song and play the Ditty back for your listening pleasure. From news and local information to games, shopping, and … She gets even better with The Magic Door skill. Alexa doesn’t have access to contacts on your phone, which makes things a bit harder. ""Ask ADT to close the 'Garage Door'. or "Alexa, what's my Flash Briefing? And I can't get up!" There are more than 25,000 skills available today, so it made sense for us to cherry-pick the best of them. "Alexa, Ask Twitter for Tweets I liked. Invocations: "Alexa, open Translated" or "Alexa, ask Translated to say 'where is the bathroom' in Welsh. Amazon's Fire TV Stick is faster and less expensive than ever, and comes with an Alexa-enabled voice remote out of the box, making it the best budget-friendly media streamer you can buy. So instead, get the diagnosis by using WebMD on Alexa. One of the best things about Alexa is the easy access it provides to highly relevant and useful information. ""Ask ADT to dim the 'Porch Light' to 50%. Do you often find yourself wondering about your next trip as you’re bouncing around in your living room? Simply add the Skill Finder skill, and then say "Alexa, tell Skill Finder to give me the Skill of the Day." you'll also get suggestions on things to try. With Ask My Buddy, get a spoken-word lifeline to personal responders. Invocations: "Alexa, ask Opening Bell for Apple" (or Microsoft, Google, Tesla, or any publicly traded company), Twitter ReaderLink your Twitter account to this skill in the Alexa app; it'll read your Timeline, Retweets, Likes, Mentions, and even list out trending topics. Best Alexa skills: Fun and useful. For some reason, the skill is tagged by the developer as "may not be suitable for all ages." ", Empire State Building Colors Do you live in or near New York City, and wonder just what hue the iconic Empire State Building will be splashed with that night? Or, communicate with a group of people at once using a skill such as Starfish dico. But we humans love our convenience, so why not give it and some skills a try? Michael Barbaro's news vignettes can play for 15 minutes a day, five days a week bringing you the episodic journalism from The New York Times. Or ask any question you can think of as long as you start with "Alexa, ask Big Sky....". That would normally be it, but you also get the option to share the Ditty via Twitter or save it. CONSNo web browser support.App is a bit erratic. PRIME DAY DEAL ALERT: Amazon's Echo Dot is now just £19, Best smart thermostat 2020: Take control of your heating, Best video doorbell: Get £60 off the Ring Video Doorbell 3 in the Prime Day sales, Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal Fabric, Echo Wall Clock—see timers at a glance; requires compatible Echo device, Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen) | HD video doorbell with motion-activated notifications and two-way talk, Best Alexa skills 2020: Make the most of your Echo Show, Plus, Spot or Dot. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | TOS | All Rights Reserved, Join our newsletter and get all the latest. TV Shows can tell you when any show airs and on which network (but not the channel)—even if it's streaming on Netflix or Amazon Video. Use it to listen to random TED talks or to search for particular topics and ideas. The third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat has all the smarts of its predecessors and adds some new features including a larger display, geofencing support, a furnace monitor, and a few more sensors. However, there are also a number of aural diamonds in the digital rough.

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