Burnham and Book, together with Grudge, share another intimate moment and he explains how the trance worms used to thrive in their natural environment when the Federation existed.

It's hard to describe the scene to be honest, because my eyes were so full of tears.

Next week's episode will obviously look at the events that unfolded for the crew of the USS Discovery, but the focus on just Burnham and Book this week has been a joy to watch. Burnham is gobsmacked, understandably.

This definitely feels like a beautiful relationship. With little energy remaining in her suit, Burnham is able to determine that she's arrived in the year 3188 — just one year off — and that there are multiple life signs on the surface; a fact that she's happy about to say the least. They enter his damaged ship and Burnham marvels over the technology. And with that, it gives us great pleasure to say that season three has also started strong. The city of Sanctuary, where couriers go to trade. I couldn't tell the difference. Granted, this could be considered a preemptive criticism and hopefully it will turn out to be a plot element that's imaginative, well written and most importantly, believable, but we've been given ridiculous, nonsensical plots quite a lot in the past, so we're wary. We will no doubt learn more about this inexplicable event, but already sensors are detecting trace amounts of a ridiculous, nonsensical plot. As they share this peaceful moment and we can see each character shares more in common with each than perhaps they first realized: they are both true believers in their own way. A gamma ray burst or a war with a race from another galaxy or possibly even a link back to "The Next Generation" episode "Force of Nature" (S07, E09) where scientists claim that constant warp travel by starships is destroying the fabric of subspace … would've sounded more plausible than having every starship's warp core suddenly exploding.

Booker — or just Book, as he prefers to be called — explains they have to get to a place called Mercantile in order to trade for dilithium. A desperate Burnham reboots her suit's systems and manages to fire reverse thrusters and activate the impact shield just seconds before she crashes. It just sounds bizarre.

She presses him for more information and he talks about "the burn," but of course she knows nothing of this either.

The character of Booker — and indeed David Ajala — could very well be one of the best things to have happened to "Trek" in a long time. Entitled "That Hope is You, Part 1," we pick up more or less exactly where we left off one-and-a-half years ago. The guards take Burnham to find Book and they find him getting a pummeling from Cosmo. The development of this relationship was perfectly paced, as was their gradual reveals about themselves. And we get to the explanation of what in fact caused the calamity that destroyed the Federation; an event known as "the burn," when every dilithium crystal aboard every starship…er, exploded, for a reason that remains unknown. "Yes-yes-I-feel-that-I-feel-you-I-get-that-I-have-a-friend-with-red-hair-you-cannot-give-her-any," Burnham blurts. But she spies some dilithium crystals in what looks like an antique dealer's storefront and makes a dash for them. And for the second time in one episode, we're struggling to hold back tears. Could these two be the worst aliens at interrogation ever?

At first Booker's not interested in where Burnham came from as she tries to deduce what exactly has happened.

It does appear that season 3 will be quite exciting.

Rating: 9/10 Booker makes reference to a dilithium recrystallizer (clearly the technology pioneered on Xahea eventually found its way into mainstream use) and even quantum slipstream, first referenced in the "Star Trek: Voyager" episode "Hope and Fear" (S04, E26). By beaming ahead, they can ambush the incoming guards, the only problem is the personal transporter needs 30 seconds to recharge.

called Control, save the sphere data and use the tortuous red signal time travel technology to jump 950 years into the future in the disappointing second season finale of "Star Trek: Discovery. Then it turns on Burnham…and eats her. But before we get to see exactly what happened, we're introduced first to a gentleman far in the future, waking up each morning courtesy of his … er, alarm parrot and each morning placing what looks like an antique, Starfleet-branded box on a table in a minimalist, sterile room; a little like the end of "2001" meets the Armistice Station notion, from the first episode of the "Battlestar Galactica" reboot. Together they scan for the warp signature of the USS Discovery, but are unable to locate it. We know what's going to happen and we want it to happen — which is precisely why it had to choreograph in as much of an unclichéd manner as possible — and for the most part, that's accomplished. It's been one year, five months and 27 days since we saw Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the crew of the USS Discovery defeat the evil A.I. Again we see that both Burnham and Book have many traits in common as they're both willing to make sacrifices in an attempt to ensure a future. ", And while the first season finale of the former offered us an enjoyable, unexpected surprise, the season finale of "Picard" was sadly yet another crashing disappointment. Burnham confirms that she is indeed a time traveller and we learn that all time travel technology was destroyed after the Temporal Wars — an event referenced in the "Star Trek: Enterprise" episode "Storm Front" (S04, E01). Sahil explains that he only has limited scanning range now as both he and the Federation were cut off from the other sectors long ago. Burnham offers her "vintage" tricorder for Book to exchange for dilithium when he springs a double-cross. He gives her a communications device and she tries to call the Discovery once again … with no luck. (We shall see more of his awesomeness later.) During the firefight, Burnham caught a glancing round in the shoulder (it's always a glancing round in the shoulder) and Book performs a routine where he recites a prayer and a blue plant emerges from the water's edge that he gently squeezes to produce a healing gel-like liquid that Burnham applies to her wound. Thank you for signing up to Space. We see Booker's ship is also in a similar dilemma, with both craft leaving smoke trails and creating a sonic boom as they fall from the sky. An Orion and an Andorian begin questioning Burnham and give her a dose of a truth drug, which results in some thoroughly entertaining side effects. He engages a cloaking device for his ship and they set off on foot. Plus, in the next scene as they dry themselves off, Book does a Kirk and gets his shirt off. There is an undeniable resemblance to a young Idris Elba, but possibly more in mannerisms than appearance and yes, they even sound very similar, especially since they have the same accent as both were born in Hackney, in East London. She pleads with him to help her and, naturally, he caves. ...and why, in your opinion, was the finale of 'Picard' "yet another. However, it is worth remembering that season two of "Discovery" at least started strong. Subscriptions start at $5.99 a month.

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