In the present, Sarek confessed he had an ulterior motive in fostering Michael Burnham in her youth. Something definitely caused a rift between them and it was serious - perhaps even embarrassing - enough that they kept it from their father Sarek. Obviously, he never made mention of her in "future" Star Trek adventures, so it would canonically make sense for Spock to hold a grudge. The young Vulcan doesn't acknowledge her presence at first, choosing instead to focus on a drawing he was creating on a screen that made holographic images. For Star Trek to have a Mary Sue would be, in some ways, only fitting, because the very term “Mary Sue” originated in Star Trek fan fic. 20 years later, during Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Kirk and the Enterprise crew received another shock from Spock when a Vulcan revolutionary named Sybok (Laurence Luckinbill) hijacked the starship to fulfill his quest to find God beyond the Great Barrier at the center of the galaxy. The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 premiere of Star Trek: Discovery. Hasbro Reveals the "Ultimate Checklist" With Missing Items, The Black Series 6" Collectors Need To Address Something Important With Hasbro, Hasbro's PulseCon Presentation Revealed Two Of The WORST Choices For Repacking In TVC. For most of Star Trek: Discovery's "Brother," Michael believed Spock remained aboard the Enterprise to avoid her and she blamed herself. A one-stop shop for all things video games. However, their relationship evidently warmed from there - at least, in Michael's words, "for a time." It’s not that the storyline’s concept bothers me so much—it’s the utter and complete lack of originality of it that I would find unbearable. Still, he didn't press any further. I’m not blaming Orquiola for voicing this theory—it is, quite frankly, a thought I had myself while watching the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season, “Brother.” But the whole thing makes me exceedingly tired. He grew up on Star Wars, DC, Marvel, and pro wrestling and loves to discuss and dissect most of it. Coincidence? Become a subscriber and support the site! For instance, after his death and resurrection, Star Trek III: The Search For Spock saw Saavik have sex with the young Spock as he underwent Pon Farr on the Genesis Planet. They say there's a taxi that's been riding the streets of San Francisco since the great quake of 1906. But whether or not Spock and Michael are somehow romantically involved or not, the overall critique of her and the show still stands. Not so Michael Burnham, who can withstand 9gs for 11 minutes (yeah, sure) and on top of being super competent at anything is also a pod test pilot now and maybe even romantically involved with Spock or at least the one person responsible to mold him into the Spock we know from the original series. Martin-Green stated: "I will say... that it is not a simple relationship [between Spock and Burnham]. Hopefully whatever Michael did do in regards to Spock has zero to do with the theory. [Edit: once more, it may very well be that the guy in the promo is Ash Tyler and not Spock, which would dial down the annoyance level from 11 to 10]. While previous Star Trek shows always featured an ensemble cast with each crewmember getting the spotlight (i.e. They retroactively insert her into Trek history, make her an integral part of Spock’s past, one of the, if not THE most beloved Star Trek character, and being his foster sister is not enough, now she has to be the one who makes Spock the Spock we know. While little is currently known about how Spock's presence will tie into Discovery's second season, the first-look trailer suggested that the Vulcan would be in some kind of peril and Burnham would take it upon herself to come to her foster brother's aid. This site is intended for informational purposes only, and is not in anyway associated with LFL. Watch Homelander Kill The Avengers in The Boys/Marvel Crossover Video, What Henry Cavill Could Look Like in an Assassin’s Creed TV Show. Given both the inherent complexity of Vulcan/human relationships and the unique bond between Burnham and Sarek, it perhaps shouldn't come as a great surprise that the two foster siblings would also have an emotional and layered relationship. We'll see what happens later this season. It is a very complicated relationship. To give you a brief primer: Michael Burnham … Why Spock never mentioned Michael Burnham. Burnham informed the charming Captain Pike she wished to travel to the damaged Enterprise, presumably in hope of making amends with her foster brother. And at the very end of the episode there was a preview of season 2. Kaila is a lifelong New Yorker. —The Mary Sue has a strict comment policy that forbids, but is not limited to, personal insults toward anyone, hate speech, and trolling.—, Have a tip we should know?

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