Who can blame me though? Nonetheless, this volume enters the list with a bang in the notorious short tale, The Dream. It’s by far the most twisty story in the “Scary Stories” series and while it’s not as famous as some of the other stories, it’s easily the most upsetting and this is something I thank Alvin Schwartz for. Besides sending a chill up the reader's spine, the book provides This is a very beloved book from my childhood, along with it's two sequels. You see, these little short stories were my introduction into horror when I was a young kid and reading them again just brings back so many memories and makes me thankful that I had these to open the doors of horror for me. A blend of urban legends and folk tales of ghosts and other creatures of the night and a series of sketches that are as ''scary'' as the stories they accompany create a result that is perfect for Halloween, for a cold winter's night or a stormy summer evening. The most frightening aspect of this story isn’t the strange behavior of the hotel staff or Rosemary’s grip on her sanity – it’s the truth of what happened to her mother. These stories were told in a simplistic manner, but the content itself was surprisingly mature and even complex in its execution. It took me about half an hour which I think is great since I had to struggle so much with my last read. It might be a little disingenuous to generalize an entire group of readers, but if you frequent the site often, it’s safe to assume that scary stories at least interest you. There was a problem loading your book clubs. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: The Complete Collection. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was very nostalgic. Out of boredom from their routine, they create a scarecrow in the mold of a farmer they despise called Harold. It continues to do this for the next hour or so until the woman arrives home, with the car still closely following. 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Confession time: I was a scared kid growing up. There’s a man with a knife in the backseat, ready to pounce at any moment. The Wendigo is a perfect indication of the legend’s evolution over the years. What if he/she/they also want to leech off of your Shudder and Hulu accounts as well? No matter how much some of the stories have aged, they all have a special place in my heart and I hope they have one in yours too. This is actually a collection of many very short stories. My oldest son had a favorite three book set as a child. The ending was so messed up that I am a bit scared as to how the filmmakers will handle Harold’s story in a PG-13 environment. Depending on the addition you read the art is either Stephen Gammell (the original creepy art) or t. The book was written by folklorist Alvin Schwartz. Isolation can bring out a person’s worst fears and for the bride, the fact that she was in the house the whole time and yet nobody could find her in spite of her cries of help is both terrifying and heartbreaking. So instead of being safe with your mom/dad, you’re left to wander around in a state of panic and desperation. The mere sight of a spider is enough for some arachnophobes to flee in terror, but to have them burrow under your skin and populate to the point of bursting from your cheek? When I was around 13-years-old, I would sit around in a circle with my friends, the lights were off and one of us had a flashlight under our face. Had to force myself to finish it.2** Didn't really like it. No pus to be found as the spiders make for an even more horrific replacement. "I'll do it right now. Most of the stories on this list were popularized by the book series, but the Wendigo have existed as their own entities for many years. They may not be alone, but what else could be in the house with them? I found little to no issues with it at all. Except the one about Harold the Scarecrow. Fear transcends all age barriers. The mascot for the Scary Stories film adaptation is the mascot for a great reason: Harold is fucking nightmare fuel. The Thing switches the formula up by having the characters named, the two main ones being named Ted and Sam. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. This collection features the entire original trilogy of books complete with original horrifying artwork by Stephem Gammel (it's probably better to buy this as buying the 3 books separately can be quite expensive- this collection has everything). Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of. and i've since read so much folklore i started to recognize some of the origin stories! October 1st 1989 About halfway I got too creeped out to continue. A great treasure jest of horror tales for younger and older horror fans! Now I am most definitely NOT the target audience for these stories but I enjoyed the hell out of this collection nonetheless and I’m very much looking forward to the next two collections as well. Even with his original appearance in the third book, Harold’s look is just menacing and grim. I will make my own arguments for why I think this list is justified, but this is not to imply that you’re wrong for finding something else scarier (or not even liking the books). The story was integral in pushing the boundaries for children’s literature and the final image is Schwartz at his most straightforward and morbid. No loopholes or anything; just a simple act of verbal storytelling to unnerve the listener(s). But each day they come back, they are told to act even worse, further straining their relationship with their mother, who promises that something very bad could happen to them if they continue to act up. Oh and the spiders hatching. To this day, I don’t exactly know what the creature in the story is supposed to be. A peek at the table of contents shows it was actually More Scary Stories, since one of those tales in particular has lived on in my memory in vivid technicolor which, right there, shows the power and longevity of this collection.

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