In Without You, Brittany is seen staring at Santana, and than Brittany and Santana are shown holding hands. Check out mine. Hypoxia by Swinging Cloud (One-Shot)Sequel to Breathless. When she loses a bet that says she has to sleep with the school freak, she’s going to see it through.

When they asked Murphy about the development, he claimed to have made the statement "to get a kick" out of the "dirty guy" asking about them. They go sit together on the couch during Rory's reading of the Christmas story. I wish we got to see her apologizing for that as well.

When Mr. Schue agrees to do a Britney Spears number for the assembly Brittany turns and gives Santana a high five.

They are sitting together in the auditorium with the others talking to Sunshine.

Welcome to our fifth Weekly Ship Discussion Thread! Satan (Mercedes, Kurt) Brittany and Santana visit their friends in Seattle.

She is then seen watching the boys performance of Shout It out Loud and Beth (Song). They all have their attitude and can be rude, bitchy, and snarky af, but they are all very soft with their significant others and close friends and family. I do. Brittany comforts her as she vents about trying to be honest, but people suck. Will she give her a chance? Matt Rutherford (implied ex-boyfriend) They are together in the choir room with the others while Artie sings P.Y.T. They are sitting together in the choir room when Mr. Schue talks about the competition for sectionals. When she outed her on the internet. Santana, angry now, says 'Yes you can! Brittany is left looking confused as she watches Santana walk away.

There is a casting call for a young female dancer to play a bigger part in some movie and of course Brittany wants that part.
Before Kurt's song they are sitting together and at the beginning of the scene Brittany is looking over at Santana. lol. Before they run down the hall together they are seen hugging.

Santana Lopez is portrayed by Naya Rivera. I Need A Medic by Gorshenin (In-Pregress)AU. Brittany does applaud them at the end and the next time she is shown biting her nails. It is revealed that over the summer holiday, Santana got breast implants in order to get more attention and increase her popularity. Later the New Directions serenade them in an attempt to be invited to their upcoming wedding. Brittany shows that she understands and she looks sympathetic towards her whilst she continues stroking her back and her hair in an effort to comfort her. During Artie's performance of Never Going Back Again, Santana is comforting Brittany outside the cafeteria.

Brittany Spierce.

They are with the others in the choir room during Rachel's Go Your Own Way performance.

It's not right. When Sue talks the to the trio about joining New Directions, Brittany and Santana do a high-five behind Quinn's back. Goodnight, Baby by PoppieJoy (One-Shot)One-shot. Julia Mendoza appeared to have the world at her feet. Black Heart by Heather1201 (In-Progress)24 year old serial killer, Brittany, escapes from a Russian prison. Santana is listening to her intently and says she had the same fantasy too but she's not sure how their fantasies combined.

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