Trail map of the Coal Creek Trail (WA) from 119th Ave.

You should get a map (as there are many trails that shoot off in all directions) or use the. "Finn Town. Lots of stops figuring out where to go. From I-90 East take Exit 13 and make a right at the stop sign.

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At the stop sign, turn left onto Newcastle Road, which turns into Lakemont Boulevard SE.
Trail was slightly muddy in spots. (Newcastle). Soft pack, crazy pretty super fun. 262.13 m Down, 6.6 mi How to get here: At the end of the trail there is a quick detour where you can see the restoration effort of the meadow lands of Cougar Mountain.

Hike by WTA Correspondents: (Refer to your map.) Redtown Trailhead is an information in King County. Red town is one of four main trailheads giving access into Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. Unless you are doing the hike extension to Far Country Falls (described below) turn left here and leave the Wildside Trail.Follow the Marshall's Hill Trail 0.1 mile east and pass a junction with the Indian Trail (the terminology is not contemporary, but the route once was used by members of the Duwamish Tribe and other Native American people.) To the right you will see a sign for the meadow restoration project.

Most intersections are well-signed, but you really should have a map of the area for reference.

343' Down

This trail is one of the first trails you will come across when leaving the parking area. Very enjoyable. The falls are reached by trails that add about 1.25 miles to your round trip.

Anti-Aircraft Peak is a relatively level, trouble-free hike through Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park.

Follow that for 1.9 miles. It's close to the city and in the Snoqualmie foothills with terrain varying from gravel to single track trails, all in second growth forest. 3.1mi, Super fun loop. 104.43 m Down, 2.3 mi Lots of stinging nettle so be aware. 7538 Lakemont Blvd SE Bellevue, WA 98006 United States. •


Redtown Trailhead from Mapcarta, the free map. So for the next four weeks I will be taking him exploring on Cougar Mountain. of the road just after the big bend. It is good for a nice cardio. Redtown Trailhead is an information in King County.

Well established trails. Nice bench at the top. The Mountaineers teaches skills and leads outdoor activities 3,281' Up

There is a bench available, and there is a view west through a narrow window between the trees.From either the falls or the viewpoint, return to the Indian Trail and follow it back north.

In the mining era, it was the site of an improvised baseball diamond. As you continue on the Indian Trail, note the massive outcrop of rocks on your right.

there are tons of variations to take, to tailor the length to whatever you want. About 0.6 miles from the Red Town Trailhead, reach a junction with the Marshall's Hill Trail (W6.) • — A sign describing the local reptiles such as frogs and lizards and how they work with nature. After a few twists and turns you will come to a horse watering hole (this is closed in the winter due to freezing). There are also many options for longer out-and-back and loop trips to explore further into the park from this trailhead. At the Rainbow Town Trail, zig left about 100 feet then turn right to continue south on the Wildside Trail.About 0.6 miles from the Red Town Trailhead, reach a junction with the Marshall's Hill Trail (W6.) 2.5 miles up to about 6 miles. The Coal Creek Falls loop is a popular, short, easy day hike.

Log in and send us Cougar Mountain still has much to offer including Coal Creek Falls, Ford Slope coalmining exhibit and a Meadow restoration project. Cougar Mountain visitors are encouraged to access the park from Sky Country Trailhead at 7077 Clay Pit Rd., Bellevue, while the Red Town Trailhead is closed. It is an extension of the Coal Creek Trail and takes you to the Cougar Mountain trail system so you can extend at either end.

If you are pressed for time, you can follow this trail all the way back to the parking area. View artifacts from the coal mining era. •

Log in and send us The best time to view the meadow is in the spring and summer months. 1000.02 m Up There is room for about 35 cars. Follow that

My car was broken into and my fanny pack and wallet were stolen from the trunk. It is also the perfect trail to take dogs on as you rarely see people beyond the 1 mile mark from the trailhead.

Slow going for us due to pulling puppy, lots of pictures, and stopping for people to distance passing.

SE and Newcastle Golf Club Rd. The loop starts out with a climb on the Cave Hole Trail. This information sign explains the flora in the area.

This is the most frequently used trails on the west side of the park because of how many trails it connects to.

A bit farther along, the trail offers a view down on the massive foundation of a former steam-driven (coal fired) hoist that lifted carts loaded with coal from deep underground. 5.1mi 1h 10m, Love this trail! Red Town was a small company town - now long gone - where all the homes were painted red. would not recommend with young children.

You can make a right on this trail for a quick detour to see a coal seam. 1h 03m, Typical PNW feel.

112.76 m Up The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

This sign gives a little history on the meadow restoration project and dedications. From the information kiosk walk forward and keep left at the trailhead marker.

There are old mining caves in several spots along the trail.

1,243' Down There are plenty of options to extend this hike to other destinations from this trailhead including Doughty Falls, Long View Peak, and Far Country Falls.

Wildside Trail (#), Marshall's Hill Trail (#), Red Town Trail (#), Rainbow Town Trail (#), Steam Hoist Trail (#), Green Trails Cougar Mountain / Squak Mountain, King County Parks (May be available at information kiosk.). The Red Town Trail on a rainy day. Redtown Trailhead is situated in Coal Creek.

From I-90 Eastbound, take Exit 13, the Lakemont Boulevard SE exit and turn right. It's close to the city and in the Snoqualmie foothills with terrain varying from gravel to single track trails, all in second growth forest. 1h 07m, 5.1mi As you walk up the trail you will be surrounded on both sides by large Douglas Firs. this is a good trail but it actually 3.6 miles, not 2.6. there was no water fall when I went :( but nice little hike.

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Descend Wilderness Peak trail to Shy Bear Trail, Long ... Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park's Bear Ridge Trail is quiet and peaceful as it gently climbs along Bear Ridge. 3.4 km Not long ago, this peak was an active Nike Missile Launch Site to be used in case of invasion (thankfully it wasn't needed.) • Very steep.

Following this short trail, find another display board with historical photos, and a few concrete supports that once were part of the foundation of a mill.

370' Down 6.0 km

-The nearest restrooms are located at the Red Town Water Please explain.

338.7 m Up Extending your hike - Far Country FallsIn spring and early summer, when creeks are high, Far Country Falls is a gem worth viewing. 3.6 km

4.8mi, Gorgeous, and within 25 minutes from Seattle.

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