ECPAT werkt ook samen met politie, justitie en de ICT-industrie, de Verenigde Naties en regeringen om het probleem aan te pakken. ECPAT advocates for the ratification of international and regional legal instruments such as the Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography and the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (Lanzarote convention). ECPAT International, formerly End Child Prostitution and Trafficking, is a global network of civil society organisations that works to end the sexual exploitation of children. Ontzet en verontwaardigd over de toenemende frequentie en wreedheid van de vreselijke gevallen, kwamen Ron en zijn mede activisten bijeen in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in mei 1990. Together we work at all levels to end the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Find out more. ECPAT International, with support from UNICEF, has conducted legal research covering both procedural and substantive laws in 29 countries around the world. Een aantal maanden later, in augustus van hetzelfde jaar, werd de campagne “End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism, ECPAT” officieel gelanceerd. selon les recommandations des projets correspondants. You can make a real difference in the lives of children. [2] As the terms "child prostitution" and "sex tourism" are no longer used in the sector, today the organization goes by its initials ECPAT. Theo zet zich sinds 1996 in voor dit belangrijke onderwerp en we vragen hem nog één keer het hemd van het lijf. Some areas in which ECPAT works include: prevention of and fight against child sex tourism and child trafficking, prevention of child pornography on the internet, support of direct services to children who are at risk or are victims of CSEC, assistance of law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting offenders, and the development and implementation of campaigns aimed at raising public awareness of CSEC. [citation needed]. ECPAT International coordinates research, advocacy and action to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. ECPAT has members worldwide, some are large national coalitions, others are small grassroots organisations. [19] However, since the law came into effect, sex workers have come under increased threats of violence and harassment, and pimps began to prey on sex workers. Designed and Built by The Idea Bureau. En 2006, elle a lancé en partenariat avec l'Unicef le « code de conduite pour la protection des enfants de l'exploitation sexuelle dans le tourisme et les voyages ». Some are large national coalitions, others are small grass-root organisations. Buitenlandse bezoekers stichtten zelfs kleine koloniën om seksueel misbruik van kinderen te plegen en er ontstonden steeds meer kinderbordelen. As a member of ECPAT International, ECPAT-USA belongs to a network of organizations in more than 100 countries all working together to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Call +662 215 3388 ECPAT International is a global childrens' rights organisation working to end the sexual exploitation of children, trafficking, child pornography i.e. ECPAT is also part of the International Telecommunication Union´s Child Online Protection initiative. ECPAT in veel landen voor wetgeving heeft gezorgd die er uiteindelijk toe zal leiden dat kinderen beter beschermd zijn. In November 2016, we gathered 300 adult survivors from countries all over the world, to discuss the issue and share experiences.…, At the age of 16, Ally was sexually exploited by a man she met online. We support the protection of children and empowerment of 121 members in 103 countries. The organization was established in 1991 in Thailand,[1] where the headquarters are based. It focuses on halting the online sexual exploitation of children, the trafficking of children for sexual purposes and the sexual exploitation of children in the travel and tourism industry. Or what to do if you see something that doesn't feel right? [10]. ECPAT justified the 100,000 figure citing the NISMART report which claims there are 1.7 million runaway incidents a year and that their figure was conservative despite the report stating that only 1,700 children of the 1.7 million engaged in the sex trade and more than three-quarters were away from home for less than a week leaving only a very small window for sex trafficking. [1] Its secretariat is based in Bangkok, Thailand, providing technical support to member groups, coordinating research, and managing international advocacy campaigns. The organization was established in … ECPAT has gathered information on how children are at increased risk of sexual abuse and exploitation during this global pandemic. Elle s'est vu attribuer en 1998 le prix Rafto. It will also be expanded to incorporate the legal frameworks of additional countries with the aim of reaching global coverage of existing legislation protecting children from online sexual exploitation. All rights reserved. Press play and we will tell you everything. The analysis, made publicly available through this legal database, has the following objectives: (i) to provide an updated baseline on the criminal legislation in force in the researched countries, (ii) to monitor the level of compliance with international and regional legal standards, (iii) to identify potential gaps in the legislation and (iv) to support evidence-based advocacy by suggesting ad hoc recommendations for each country. We work at all levels, supporting shelters for survivors, training and supporting law enforcement, influencing governments and conducting a wide range of research. ECPAT de grootste hoeveelheid eigen publicaties over alle vormen van seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen beschikbaar stelt via de website. no:ECPAT Enter your email and we'll send you quarterly news and stories about our work. This is her story.…. awarded for supporting hundreds of child victims of sexual exploitation. Door gebruik te maken van onze website gaat u akkoord met ons beleid. ECPAT has been criticised for its lobbying for Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act which was seen as an anti-sex worker law that does little to stop sexual exploitation of children. 2020 is een bewogen jaar. ECPAT is mandated to monitor the commitments of governments around the world and their legal obligations to protect children from sexual exploitation. ECPAT werkt wereldwijd in het tegengaan van commerciële seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen. Procedural law attributing and regulating the investigative powers of law enforcement units and prosecutors also plays a fundamental part in addressing this criminal phenomenon. Dat willen we graag viere…. Deze congressen waren ontzettend belangrijk om wereldwijd actie te bewerkstelligen op het terrein van verbetering van wetgeving en beleid. The ECPAT International network consists of 118 member organisations in 102 countries. Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) © 2020 ECPAT International. ECPAT International is a global network of civil society organisations that works to end the sexual exploitation of children. Companies providing tourism services adopt the code and its 6 criteria aimed at fighting sexual exploitation of children. At the heart of all our work is every child’s right to live free from sexual exploitation and abuse. ECPAT meer dan een miljoen mensen in de reis en toeristische sector heeft getraind en ondersteund om kinderen te beschermen.​. L'organisation combat notamment le tourisme sexuel impliquant des enfants, le trafic d'enfants à des fins d'exploitation sexuelle, la pornographie enfantine sur Internet, elle soutient les enfants à risque et fait campagne pour le renforcement des législations. Het komende jaar, zullen ECPAT International, Interpol en UNICEF–Innocenti de resultaten van een gezamenlijk onderzoek naar online seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen in 14 landen in Azië en Afrika uitbrengen. Met 118 lokale organisaties in 102 landen wereldwijd, staan we sterk en zullen we doorgaan om op de eerste plaats seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen te voorkomen en om een veilige en helende omgeving te creëren voor kinderen die ontsnappen aan seksueel misbruik en uitbuiting. ECPAT has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). Online communities which provide support to sex workers, such as finding shelter or food, warnings about potential violent clients and provide know-your-rights training were shut down, putting sex workers at danger. Established in 1994, ECPAT UK is the national member of ECPAT International, a global network of children's rights organisations coordinating research, advocacy and action to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Ally: I am a survivor because I am still here. © 2016 ECPAT International. Want to become a member? End child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking of children for sexual purposes (ECPAT), soit en français Mettre fin à la prostitution infantile, à la pédopornographie et au trafic d'enfants à des fins d'exploitation sexuelle est un réseau d'organisations et de personnes travaillant ensemble pour éliminer l'exploitation sexuelle des enfants à des fins commerciales[1]. We support the protection of children and empowerment of 102 members in 93 countries. We undertake a number of activities which build towards our programmes. ECPAT International identifies interested groups and encourages and assists them with information and skills sharing both nationally and regionally to increase the effectiveness of those working to combat CSEC. This is why ECPAT International is initiating a global study on the sexual exploitation of boys. Reporting is done by these signing businesses to check progress and share best practices. The Code was developed by ECPAT Sweden in 1996 and is promoted through the international ECPAT network. We often hear about how girls are being sexually exploited, but when it comes to boys - silence. Do you know what to look out for? ECPAT International identifies interested groups and encourages and assists them with information and skills sharing both nationally and regionally to increase the effectiveness of those working to combat CSEC. [14] ECPAT has signed agreements with the International Association of Internet Hotlines,[15] the Internet Watch Foundation and Child Helpline International.[16]. [17][18], ECPAT has called criticism against SESTA as myths and called legal sex workers a "very small segment of society that enters sex work with their eyes wide open, and in the absence of coercion". The organization was awarded the 1998 Rafto Prize. Het eerste wereldcongres vond plaats in Stockholm, Zweden in 1996, gevolg door Yokohama, Japan in 2001 en Rio de Janeiro, Brazilië in 2008.

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