Shanna Daniels discussed the activities of our SHRM student chapter and reiterated the excitement when our FSU SHRM students won the case competition. Go Noles! Their ideas were thought-provoking and their presentation was interesting as well as funny!

Kurt Adler – Northern Trust The club which was founded in 1938, sits along the scenic Intracoastal, provided the perfect venue to socialize and connect with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Tour of City Furniture: Janet organized a fabulous tour of City Furniture which included their showroom as well as their receiving, delivery, repair and training areas. 32 terms.

  For Faculty & Staff, Request Graduate Programs Info Career Center Presentation The focus of his talk was on the socialization process necessary to ensure a successful transition. Faculty: Deb Armstrong, Randy Blass, Darren Brooks, Jerry Ferris, Wayne Hochwarter, Pamela Perrewé, Chad Van Iddekinge, and Gang Wang, Students Using a sample of Whites, we examine experimentally whether job applicants are evaluated more or less favorably depending upon the combined effects of (dis)similarity with the applicant and the evaluator's racioethnic identification. FSU will be opening a Center for Veterans Affairs within the next year. Betty Vandenbosch

Professor (2009) Florida State (FSU) INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT Rate Professor . ISM 3541 53 Documents; ISM 3003 32 Documents; ISM 5021 17 Documents; ISM 542 16 Documents ; ISM 4117 16 Documents; ISM 4212 16 Documents; Find your course. Kelsey talked about her important work helping vets to transition into the workplace. Dr. Betty Vandenbosch (Kaplan) explained the philosophy behind Kaplan University and their online teaching system. Theresa Jones – Northern Trust In addition, a special thank you goes to Julie Price, COO, of ARC Broward who provided an overview of the programs and services provided by ARC Broward. If any of you are able to stay over Friday night (April 4th), I am planning on getting a suite to watch FSU take on Notre Dame in baseball. As we do each year, participants had the opportunity to discuss the challenging, exciting, and complex events occurring in their professional lives. 821 Academic Way, RBB 325 Member recruitment concentrated on describing the value proposition of membership and who/where do we want to recruit members. We learned much about Northern Trust which is part of why we love it when our CHRM board members host our meetings. Center for Human Resource Management Meeting David Faulkenberry discussed employee engagement practices at FBMC and as well as how his firm advises client organizations to leverage employee benefits to engage employees. It is fair to say that members were impressed by the great work being done by this organization. In addition, political skill is thought to have a strong influence on others (i.e., subordinates) as leaders in possession of it are thought to appear likable, respectable, trustworthy, authentic, and instrumental to subordinates’ goal pursuits. We all learned much about wine and even received a small bottle of wine as a ‘party favor’! Joyce Ingram – Florida State University President John Thrasher, Pat Ahern, Darren Brooks, Bernardo Buraglia, Suzanne Calfee, David Faulkenberry, Jennifer Foreman, Myrna Hoover, Charles Johnson, Fran Luisi, Jo Carol Rutherford, Tom Shea, Margie Vargas, Janet Wincko, Deb Armstrong, Shanna Daniels, Jerry Ferris, Pam Perrewé, Kendrick Scott, Chad VanIddekinge, Wayne Hochwarter, Randy Blass, Katrina Chin Sue, Charn McAllister, DJ Steffensen, Jillian Flynn, Laura Gayle, Miranda Hindahl, Jules Orange, Hannah Weinbaum, and Emily Werlink. David Faulkenberry The business meeting concluded with a call for four volunteers to assist in the development of bylaws for the center to put in necessary structure and governance around the advisory board of directors. The center is an excellent example of effective collaboration between human-resource professionals in business and academia. A goal of the Center for Human Resource Management is to connect with and support human resource management majors at Florida State. We will be having our fall 2013 meeting on October 24th (afternoon/evening) and October 25th (meeting day). Tom Shea (Right Management) spoke on “Talent is the new it” and discussed how our world is changing and we need to realize that people are no longer tied to one organization.

We discussed our upcoming meeting in the spring. September 27-28, 2012 Doctoral Students: Charn McAllister and Parker Ellen. Prior to lunch, board members Suzanne Calfee and David Faulkenberry presented on the topics of change management and employee engagement.

  News Sarasota, FL. Group President After lunch Drs. We also discussed the role of CHRM Board members as mentors to our students as well as young professionals throughout the State. Our students were completely absorbed by the panelists and asked very good questions related to careers until we simply ran out of time. This is one of the more valuable parts of the meeting as it provides an opportunity for members to share information and learn from each other.

Chad VanIddekinge – Should we be using Facebook for selection? JMI organized around 3 mission elements: Research (e.g., journals, conferences JM Fellows), Education (e.g., business major, certificates student business plans, scholarships, student travel support), and Outreach (e.g., Entrepreneurial Boot Camp for Veterans, Economic Development Forum, Round Table discussion for one-on-one mentoring). August Toscano - Regions Financial Corporation A study of predictive validity and adverse impact potential. 2 Campus Map News Committed to Inclusivity Directory College Calendar For Faculty & Staff .

Deb Armstrong – Associate Professor (Florida State University) presented her work entitled, “Promotions and retention: Barriers to advancement and retention of women in IS.” This stimulated a lot of interest regarding gender in the workplace, work-family issues, and the limited number of women in stereotypically male-dominated professions. Myrna Hoover (Director, Career Services) and Calvin Williams (Program Director for Employer Relation and Recruitment Services) presented an overview of their career center operation at Florida State University. The off-campus fall meeting is considered our main recruiting meeting and the location takes place in a relaxed and fun environment.

Congratulations Sarah!

Randy Blass discussed FSU’s #1 ranking for the most “Veteran friendly College of Business” in the nation. Board Members

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