Larks are known for their melodious singing.

Surrounding this is the red, white and blue dot work which represents the supporters and fans of the club. Pay attention to the eyes and care for them and how to walk carefully by feeling vibrations.

The blue background of the jersey represents the waters of Cronulla, which are surrounded by campsites and elders gathering. Rooster as your totem may indicate that you had past lives from ancient Greece or early Christianity. He is an excellent runner and can go as fast as 18 miles per hour. The myth goes that Ostara changed a lapwing into a hare to be her animal totem.

Condor bestows wisdom and vision and inspires the psychic art of prophecy..

Deceiving others by mimicking their behavior./. Designed by artist Elaine Chambers-Hegarty with input from Broncos players Jack Bird and James Roberts, the totems of all Broncos Indigenous players … On the left sleeve of the jersey is the word ‘United’; a Broncos’ club value that ties in with this year’s NAIDOC theme byline: Voice, Treaty, Truth: Let's work together for a shared future. Another lesson penguin teaches is that there is a time for work and a time for play. Use of beauty in courtship. ('Lilith', who was the first wife of Adam in the Garden of Eden and in Christian lore was said to be the first witch, is often depicted as appearing in the form of a screech owl or with screech owls as familiars. Stamina and endurance, ability to remain in emotional situations for extended periods of time, awkward yet effective beginnings and endings, seeing the benefits of extended parenting, White Bellbird -- The loudest bird ever recorded.

Manakin -- “The Moonwalking Bird” The male manakin seeks out a mate by performing a unique and strange ritual that involves snapping his wings and dancing on the branch.

Knowing the inner earth.

Pigeons have an excellent navigational ability, and have frequently been employed for communication in various situations. Tanager -- (A species of songbirds of the southern forests consisting of over 240 varieties which often cross over into other species.) The Parakeet is also an excellent communicator.

This year, some of the jersey artists have considered the Reconciliation Week theme, Grounded in Truth, Walk Together with Courage in their design.

Sparrows will tear up nests, break eggs, kill and toss out nestlings and adults and then build their nest right on top of the carnage. Ask yourself if your yin is in balance with your yang. They will first choose flight over fight.

When the stork appears a birth or rebirth will soon happen and/or you may need to reconnect to your roots .

He can see through mysteries meaning that any person with a condor totem or spirit animal will see very deeply, experiencing life's mysteries and learning from them. We have all heard the saying "Stop to Smell the Roses" and understand this means to slow down and enjoy life. Crow merges both light and dark, both inner and outer and when in the darkness of emotional pain and turmoil the crow is the Carrier of Lost Souls into Light. The eagle has keen sight (bird's heightened view) to be able to see his prey on the ground from the air.

Genetic memory stored in the DNA. Cheerfulness and gregariousness.

Are you going through life carrying old grief, pain or hate? Kestrel aids in seeking out truths with clarity by illuminating the path.

Eurasian Eagle Owl -- The largest owl and the subject of legends from Egyptian hieroglyphs to Tibetan mythology telling of how it captures the souls of the departed. Elaine Chambers-Hegarty was engaged by Deadly Choices to create the artwork which represents growth and new beginnings as 13 players unite as one at the gathering place of the Broncos’ Home Ground.

Raven has long been known as the magical bird, the one who carries your messages and your prayers to spirit.

So, this creature is quite helpful when it comes to pecking out the truth of a matter or in sorting out the truth from misinformation.

Waxbill -- Foster parenting, understanding female societies, communal living, ability to see from all perspectives, surefooted, ability to change and self respect. Bluebird shows how to find those joyful gems in everyday life with an appreciation anew. Bellbird -- Any of several unrelated birds from various locations around the world that are named for their ringing voices.

Kingfisher will be there to guide you and you won't drown. Quail -- Living close to the Earth, group nourishment and protection.

The goose never leaves one of its own kind behind. On the other hand a parrot can be a sign of insincerity; speaking another's words without meaning them.

One of the names that the Highlanders have for the curlew is 'Guilbhron' (Wail of Sorrow) or 'Guilbinn' (Wailing Music). Watch for and keep aware of new opportunities.

The 'logo' in the middle represents the Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club, whilst the outer circles are the broader communities that Melbourne Storm are reaching through its various programs. The St George Illawarra Dragons 2019 jersey has been designed by local Illawarra artist Lani Balzan. Goose -- The symbol of the sacred circle and its migration announces the passage of the Great Circle of the Year.

Pink is the color associated with the heart chakra, and the pink coloring in flamingos vibrate with heart center and emotional energies. By moving back and forth across the branch, this brightly colored male bird attracts the attention of his desired female. will often appear in the guise of the crow.

Whippoorwill shows how to adapt to this new phase. Keen sight in seeing through illusions, freedom of spirit, connection to the Moon, understanding weather especially lightning. Learn to camouflage yourself in order to rest along with showing oneself when it is time.

A time to realize that portions of you are being suppressed. Wake up!

Totems of Respect are always Gaian aligned. A fierce protector of the environment.

Pelican One who will seem to walk away from a threatening situation, but turns back at the first opportunity. Source:, Theme: Paying respect to the Māori - Tangata Whenua, The 2019 Warriors design pays respect to the Māori - Tangata Whenua (people of the land) the First Peoples of New Zealand.

Today's domestic turkeys are not the,birds of the American Indian peoples.

The falcon is known to hover in the sky in slow motion or sit patiently on a perch while on the lookout for possible prey. If life has been difficult lately, know that joy is flying your way. As a messenger, the eagle offers visionary talents.

Riparian entertainment of a beautiful male song.

Hiding away more than needed to keep others from having it.

Respiratory ailments and influenza are responsible for almost half of,the deaths of turkeys who don't make it to slaughter. When you swear an oath on a bible and state to tell the truth, you put one hand up.

The sounding of a bell is a signal that informs us of something; the start or end of mass or class, an emergency, a wake-up call or, in the case of the old town crier, to grab attention before making an announcement. However, you may need to search a little to understand the true gift that’s being presented. this ensures a greater survival for all the chicks.

Most animal totem resources describe the sparrow as a synbol of peace and joy who denote that even a common little bird can triumph. Duck will also help filter out what is not needed, what is important and discern what is true from what is false.

The goose never leaves one of its own kind behind. Moreover, socializing will help let go of stressful situations and coming to terms with changes in your life. Because the owl’s eyes seem to not move, it moves its neck to turns its head completely around to see, another sign of the occult sects which, through their initiated agents, can see where normal men cannot. It may be time to widen your horizons or sign up for a class to learn a new language.

If a duck visits,​ it could mean it is time to return to your roots and spend some time with your clan. They provide us with knowledge and wisdom that can help us in our real life situations. On the other hand toucans are also use as a totem of some tribes and their shaman use it as a tool to penetrate the spirit world., Towhee -- Makes noise until it gets attention, shabby, red-eyed, speaking with a southern accent. Phylameana lila Desy, the author of "The Everything Guide to Reiki," is a freelance writer, holistic healing consultant, intuitive counselor, and an energy medicine practitioner.

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