Trying to live. at Against All Odds, Rhodes lost to Raven but got payback at Destination X when he defeated Raven in a bullrope match. It’s one of those films I don’t quite know what to make of it. [19] Runnels made a short appearance at WrestleMania 22 to give Booker T advice on his match against The Boogeyman where he insinuated that the only way he could beat The Boogeyman was to put worms in his anus. Runnels continued to use the Goldust name outside WWE. After the match, Dustin challenged Brodie for the TNT Championship on the following Dynamite, which he lost. A cover version by American alternative rock band Hole was released on Geffen Records in 1996 as their ninth CD single. He just went mad, bashing glass with this big hammer. Their first defeat came against The Original Midnight Express at a house show on December 10, 1988 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Later that night, while speaking to their father, Dusty Rhodes, Goldust would be attacked by Stardust again. [75] Goldust and Stardust appeared in backstage segments, speaking of a "Cosmic Key". What could have been a bumbling caper in the tradition of Abbott and Costello gets lost in the morass of an unwieldy story. In late September, a mysterious stalker was sending messages to Maryse and Ted DiBiase Jr., but it was unsure who they were aimed at. [74] At Survivor Series, Goldust alongside his half-brother Cody, participated in the traditional Survivor Series Tag Team match where Goldust survived till the final two alongside Rey Mysterio. conducted by Mike Tenay, Rhodes discussed accusations of having a split personality and stated that he was going to embrace it and let it out. [citation needed]. [58] The following week on Raw Goldust managed to steal the Million Dollar Championship belt back from Aksana and then returned it to Ted DiBiase Sr., and on NXT he asked Aksana for a divorce after she was eliminated. After suffering a loss to Butch Reed during a dark match for an NWA Main Event taping in The Omni on February 12, 1989, Rhodes closed out his initial WCW run with a win over Trent Knight in Walterboro, South Carolina on February 24.[12]. At Lockdown, Black Reign and Rellik competed in a Six Team Cuffed in the Cage match which was won by Kaz and Super Eric. Rhodes teamed with Kendall Windham in an undercard tag team called The Texas Broncos that saw success against The Cruel Connection and The Commandos. Later in the Royal Rumble match, he would accidentally eliminate Cody Rhodes. Infrequent mild profanity: "damn," "hell.". The messages only said "I remember". After continuing to team together for months, Goldust and Cody broke up in June, after mounting losses. The henchman sent by the leader of the drug cartel knocks out everyone he comes across, striking them in the head with either a rod or his gun before tying them up and taping their mouths shut as they sit crammed in the back seats of his truck. His TNA contract expired in April 2005 and he chose not to renew it, leaving TNA. In February 1991, Runnels joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW), wrestling as "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes. Goldust defended his Intercontinental Championship in bouts against Savio Vega and The Ultimate Warrior before losing to Ahmed Johnson at King of the Ring on June 23, 1996. Suddenly, the angle was never mentioned again on television and the company announced on their web site that they would not be renewing Rhodes' contract. Trying to get through it. [71] At Battleground, Cody and Goldust won their jobs back when they defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a non-title match. [17] Runnels declared himself a born again Christian, alluding to "his" return, and walking through the crowd with signs reading "he's coming back!". [107] On August 2, 2019, it was announced that Dustin Rhodes had signed a multi-year deal with All Elite Wrestling as wrestler and coach. A female character climbs out of the flipped vehicle, wields... Film Threat cares about your privacy and the security of your information. He returned to WCW television in January 2001, assisting his father in his feud with Jarrett and, eventually, Ric Flair. Cody prompted Goldust to find a new partner to replace him. After Parker introduced Arn Anderson and Terry Funk as adversaries for Runnels, Runnels responded by bringing his father, a former enemy of Funk, back into the ring to team with him again against Parker's Stud Stable. [92], On the May 22 episode of Raw, a vignette was aired with Goldust, stating that he was in the director's chair and that "the Golden Age is back", starting a feud with R-Truth. Gold Dust is a weird and interesting western, complete with a dancing assassin, opera-singing good guys, friendship, betrayal, a cute little girl, lost love and a bad guy called El Guapo. [23] The following night on Raw, Goldust appeared again with Piper and the Honky Tonk Man as guest commentators for Marella's match with Charlie Haas. The son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and the half-brother of fellow wrestler Cody Rhodes, he is also known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). One of the most spectacular is that of “gold dust… Along the way, Moses and Maggie bond quickly, and it is revealed that the kid is “owned” by and is forced to run drugs for notorious cartel head El Guapo (Garrett Marchbank). Though, he isn’t quite as surefooted when it comes to the tone of Gold Dust. On January 19, 1991, at the Royal Rumble, Rhodes and his father Dusty lost to Ted DiBiase and Virgil in a tag team bout, and both left immediately after.[14]. [56] Goldust and Aksana were married on the November 2 episode of NXT with father Dusty Rhodes and real-life half-brother "Dashing" Cody Rhodes in attendance. Upon returning to WCW television, Rhodes removed his costume and delivered a worked shoot in which he mocked unrealistic gimmicks as well as his time as Goldust in the WWF. [21] He was featured at Bound for Glory in a Monster's Ball match against Rhino, Abyss, and Raven, which he lost. [106] At the event on May 25, Runnels, under his old gimmick as "The Natural", failed to win. WWE allowed his contract to expire in December 2003. [49] The following week on Superstars, he won his first match as a SmackDown star after defeating Mike Knox using his finishing move, the Final Cut,[50] as well as beating William Regal also using the Final Cut soon afterwards. They held the belts for about two months before losing them to Steamboat and Shane Douglas in a memorable match on the November 18 edition of Clash of the Champions XXI. Runnels also competed on the Tribute to Starrcade show on November 19 in a match against Terry Funk, which ended in a No-Contest. Thank you for your support. It was also featured on the soundtrack to The Crow: City of Angels and was produced by Ric Ocasek of The Cars. Though, he isn’t quite as surefooted when it comes to the tone of, . He wrestled on the final WCW pay-per-view, Greed on March 18, 2001. In March 1995, Rhodes and The Blacktop Bully both bladed during a King of the Road match at the 1995 Uncensored pay-per-view after being instructed to by one another, which was against corporate policy at the time in WCW. It is unknown whether a copy of this full version still exists. , so I will do my best to be concise in my plot synopsis. [112] During the May 20 broadcast of Dynamite, Shawn Spears insulted Dustin and the Rhodes family during a segment, setting up a match between the two at the Double or Nothing on May 23, 2020. Rhodes lost the title to Steve Austin in a Two out of three falls match at Starrcade, after losing both falls. "I also had a short-lived and highly volatile second marriage. After Honky Tonk Man was chosen and won via disqualification, Goldust and Piper entered the ring and the three candidates fought Marella, afterwards celebrating together in the ring. – Volume 3, Issue 349 – August 17, 1998", "Breaking News: WWE releases Dustin 'Goldust' Runnels; full statement", "Hard Justice Results: Kurt Angle Beats Joe! [97] Bálor ran down to help Rhodes after the match, when Wyatt continued to attack him. There is a lot going on in David Wall’s Gold Dust, so I will do my best to be concise in my plot synopsis. The desperate clues left behind by adventurers Winters and Wang, who seem to always be one step ahead of Fink and Moses. [31] His debut match for the brand came on the July 14 episode of ECW, in which he lost to Zack Ryder. In late 1991, Rhodes formed a tag-team with Barry Windham and began pursuing WCW Tag Team champions The Enforcers (Arn Anderson and Zbyszko). Just before and during that final take, Stevie Nicks had wrapped her head (though not mouth) with a black scarf, veiling her senses and tapping genuine memories and emotions. Oh, and I can’t forget the rebel band of orphans, dubbed the Lost Boys, all of whom have escaped from the cruel grasp of the cartel. Following his release from WWE in December 2003, Runnels returned to the independent circuit while concurrently competing in his first stint with TNA. While the return of Christ was clearly implied, Runnels was in fact referencing the return of the Goldust gimmick, which he reprised in October 1998 against Val Venis and then in November 1998, he began feuding with Jeff Jarrett over the attention of his manager, Debra. In WCW, he was a two-time United States Heavyweight Champion,[4] a one-time Six-Man Tag Team Champion,[5] and a two-time World Tag Team Champion. The take chosen for release on the 1977 Rumours album was reportedly recorded at 4 a.m., after a long night of attempts in the studio. Team Slaughter won the bout. [29] Goldust then teamed with Hornswoggle on multiple occasions, mainly feuding with Kendrick, where they had many matches both on WWE Superstars and Raw. [2] Goldust and Vader unsuccessfully interfered in a Street Fight between Batista and Coachman on behalf of Coachman at Taboo Tuesday. The film was originally known as Red Hot Sinners, but was released as Gold Dust Gertie after the musical numbers had been cut. The 2004 two-disc special edition release of Rumours includes two demos of "Gold Dust Woman". The duo would then attack the Usos out of frustration, turning heel in the process. [1] Many unusual instruments were used in the recording, including an electric harpsichord with a jet phaser, which was marked with tape so Mick Fleetwood could play the right notes. At Royal Rumble, Goldust entered the Royal Rumble match at number 29, but was eliminated by Dolph Ziggler. By After Goldust defeated Meanie at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Meanie became Goldust's apprentice. [51] On the May 3 episode of Raw, Goldust made his re-debut for the brand in a backstage segment with the guest host for that week, Wayne Brady. [2] At Destination X, Black Reign and Rellik faced Eric Young and Kaz in a losing effort. In June 2002, Booker was ejected from the nWo by Shawn Michaels, sparking a feud between the nWo and Booker and Goldust. This marked the first time Goldust changed into a fan favorite rather than the villainous character he was prior. Common Sense is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century. [79] Following Fastlane, R-Truth began to apologize and attempt to form a tag team with Goldust, with Goldust rejecting. In the midst of their newest search, they happen upon a Jeep with an unconscious and presumed dead man who looks like Santa Claus in the driver's seat, and a duffel bag filled with cash in the back. Man presumed dead in a Jeep in the middle of the desert; at the end of the credits, he's shown waking up and driving off. [91] On the May 15 episode of Raw, R-Truth apologized to Goldust for "letting the team down". Using in-ring psychology to his advantage, Goldust often used lewd and flirtatious mind games to anger, confuse, and distract his opponents.

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