Granted, this isn't a good long-term strategy but he could put a good amount of distance between the Earth and Doomsday.

Sam Guthrie is also a student of the X-Mansion, meaning he is reluctant to put a permanent end to his enemies. You may have to register As revealed during Krypton's first season, the TV version of the beast was created by the ancestors of Seg-El and Dru-Zod.

Are there heroes willing to answer the call to stand against this beast?

Though Cannonball isn't the most powerful mutant around, his ability is quite unique. CBR takes a look at Marvel heroes who defeated Doomsday and a bunch of others that could, too!

I try to improve my english, feel free to correct me by DM if you see some mistakes ! Josh's second mutation is the interesting factor.

Rogue's been shown to hold on to powers for extended periods of time, sometimes permanently.

How would he fare in the Marvel Universe, though? While traveling at his immense velocities he is nigh-invulnerable.

Having an incredible amount of power is nothing new to Jean Grey. It's often debated between fans whether Hulk or Doomsday would come out on top of the two titans clashed. She's warped reality to her whim, eliminated mutant powers throughout the population and even helped turn the Phoenix away.

- July 24, 2019 10:41 pm EDT.

X-Men: 10 Relationships You Definitely Didn't Know About, 18 Marvel Heroes That Could Definitely Take Out Doomsday (And 2 That Did), Joker: 5 Avengers He Can Beat (& 5 He'd Lose To), X-Men: Every Film & TV Appearance of Juggernaut, Ranked, Flash: 10 Things Every Fan Should Know About Reverse-Flash, Wandavision: Every Scarlet Witch Costume, Ranked, Transformers: 5 Times Starscream Was Better Than Megatron (& 5 Of His Worst Failures), Every Single Batman Suit & Costume, In Chronological Order, Swamp Thing: Twin Branches Gives the DC Hero's Origins New Roots, Warhammer 40K - Marneus Calgar #1 Is Off to a Solemn Start, Review: Rorschach #1 Is a Meditative, Noir-Tinged Return to Watchmen's World, Trungles’ The Magic Fish Is the Queer Story We All Need, King of Eden Vol. Logan's seen it all and done it all, one of his characteristics is to be resilient. He's also spearheaded the Ultimates, managing to convert Galactus into a giver of life.

It is said that, if he harnessed his powers as such, Iceman could send the Earth into another Ice Age.

All we really know for sure is that the man is stupendously powerful.

He almost disintegrated Magneto and his Uncanny X-Men simultaneously, without any contact.

Nate Grey is a product of a time when the X-Men were incredibly powerful when stacked against other heroes. Even if Doomsday got one over on Bob, he risks unleashing The Void, and that's bad news for everyone. before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Given that fact, it may turn out to be easier than expected for General Zod to turn Doomsday against Seg-El and Val-El...!

He's stopped the Hulk and even manipulated the fabric of the universe to defeat Molecule Man. "Basically our whole lives, they've been planning on how to end the world." Heck, they've been dealing with the Hulk this way for years! Thor loves to fight. Perhaps Doomsday would stand a chance if he'd attacked during magic's low point, but we're not so sure Stephen would go quietly. Choose which one is a greater counterpart from the options Tony Stark - Batman or Lex Luthor Dr Doom - Lex Luthor or Green Goblin Moon Knight - Batman or Owl Man Hulk - Solomon Grundy or Doomsday Thanos - Darksied or Mongul This level of power over cold temperatures could go a long way to slowing Doomsday down, even shutting down the beast. While Bertron, who created Doomsday in the comics, is replaced by a Zod and an El, the basics of the origin remain untouched. Well, Owen Reece doesn't have to imagine.

In Adam Warlock #2 (1972), Richards and Von Doom are mentioned again as "cordial, if rival, colleagues."

On paper, Nick Fury would be pulped into a nice thin paste by Doomsday.

select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. His displays of incredible power include reviving a seemingly deceased Monet St. Croix after her neck was broken, stopping time (or at least slowing it down to an incredibly slow crawl) and control over just about any energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. He's the X-Men's answer to The Sentry, though he predates his golden counterpart. We have to consider, however, following Original Sin, that Fury has been seeing off threats like Doomsday for years.

If David learned to control his ability to manifest realities, he could trap Doomsday perpetually. Previously, he could only do this via touch, but after his recent resurrection, he seems to no longer need to such his subjects to turn them to dust. Quasar vs Green Lantern. Doomsday's defeat would be yet another accolade for the Blue Marvel.

DC: Doomsday.

However, CBR is going to look at who could definitely stand against Doomsday and those who actually did! He could easily pick apart Doomsday as a molecular level, and he could even erase Doomsday entirely. During Age Of X, David's power manifested an entire alternate reality.

While Bertron, who created Doomsday in the comics, is replaced by a Zod and an El, the basics of the origin remain untouched. Though Hyperion of the Avengers is misguided at times, he's mostly good.

Closest I can think of off the top of my head is Morlun. Sam would have to employ the tried and true method of throwing the large threat into space. A clone of Cable without any of the restrictions, the psionic and telekinetic powers of X-Man are overwhelming. Only beings with similar power sets seem to pose a threat to the man who manipulates molecules! Cyborg Superman.

Molecule Man has control over the very fabric of the world around him, affording him power akin to a God. The Sentry is the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe, not just because of his abilities, but because he was created to be. If he can't deal with her quickly enough, Wanda could utter three words Doomsday doesn't want to hear: "No more Doomsday.". I think restorative nostalgia is the number one issue with comic book fans. In the comics, it was an unnamed baby rather than Dax, but the idea of using Kryptonian technology to hyper-accelerate evolution by subjecting an innocent being to horrific death over and over again remains the same. They don't really have counterparts, I see no similarities besides Genius and money between Tony and Bruce. If this is your first visit, be sure to ―Chase Stein. Marvel: Ragnarok. Taking up a role as the metaphorical "man on the wall" protecting us from threats unseen and unspeakable, Fury's surprised us all over the years. Copyright 2018 In the events of "Thanos Wins" we see a Thanos who has defeated every possible enemy to impress Mistress Death. Having Doomsday rampaging around might complicate one of his many schemes. Fans did get to see a little bit of what kind of mind could conceive of such cruelty in tonight's episode (even with a nice little nod to Hunter/Prey when Dax is referred to as "the subject") -- and may have been a bit surprised to see that it was an ancestor of General Zod who tried to pump the brakes while an ancestor of the Els was full-speed ahead on the experimentation. Even if Doomsday landed a hit on Bobby, he's been known to survive as vapor. To watch them die over and over again, and recreating them so you push that evolutions progress along at a much faster rate -- I think the kind of mind that would engineer something like that is something that is worth exploring, and I think it is also something that has helped make Doomsday's origin unique. Misdirection, ancient enchantments, and impossibly powerful artifacts would bamboozle Doomsday entirely. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The Chronokinesis alone would cause big problems for Doomsday, as you certainly can't punch anyone if you can't punch at all!

The fact she could take it up another notch to the far more dangerous Dark Phoenix is also something to be considered. If all else failed, he could cause an extinction-level event on a planet to defeat Doomsday, trapping him on a dying world.

Luckily Dr. To start viewing messages,

In an alternate reality, Hyperion's morality nosedived and he became a multiversal dictator, bringing entire realities under his heel. Doomsday. Elixir's primary power is to heal people, which doesn't seem very useful against Doomsday. Given the number of powers at Legion's disposal, he could find several ways to deal with Doomsday. Owen has defied some of the most powerful beings in existence with his abilities. Though Wanda Maximoff's powers weren't fully understood for a long time, they're now known to be extremely powerful. With that being said, there are an abundance of candidates who would go toe-to-toe with Doomsday, simply to test their mettle.

In what is seemingly a reverse of his primary power, Josh is able to break cells down. If there is one thing Thor could consider his hobby, it is testing his mettle against those he considers to be worthy adversaries. Logan's taken down whole families of Hulks, he's the best there is at what he does, and Doomsday would find out that what Logan does, ain't pretty.

She's been host to the Phoenix Force on several occasions and respects and even fears the power.

If there is one thing Thor could consider his hobby, it is testing his mettle against those he… Strange stopped those guys and is helping restore magic to the level it once operated on. Doomsday is no common villain, however, and would likely give Bob a fight akin to his clash with Bruce Banner in World War Hulk.

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