Meanwhile, the Glooms pose as barbers to collect hair from everybody in Jollywood for a spell to turn them all into rubble. © Disney © Disney•Pixar © & ™ Lucasfilm LTD © Marvel. When he delivers the song, The Glooms are not at all pleased, so Hildy banishes Happy's voice to Mount Jollywood and turns him into a mime. Queen Delightful's Uncle Humidor visits with the hopes of completing his sketch book of Jollywood birds called Shiffle-Nosed Nergendingslinger. Grim sends them to the home of the 7D. Hildy uses the Jumbo Gem to turn into a sixty-foot tall giantess. After almost two weeks, they realize they are still tied at the port, but eventually reach the island, which has a volcano that spits out cheese. When Dopey figures out the error, it turns out that the magic box was set in front of a cave of bears, and Sleepy was in the magic box all along. Most of all, she wants to rule Jollywood. With a villainous Shapeshifter on the loose, it’s up to Agent Bash to save Jollywood from his evil schemes. [33] On April 25, 2016, co-executive producer Mr. Warburton posted on his blog that the second season would be the series' final season and that the crew will be moving on to other projects. After the roller skates are returned to Queen Delightful, the fairy godmother is declared the winner by Snake Charming and is presented with the Tiara of Doom, much to the dismay of Hildy, Snazzy, and Jinxy. They discover that Sneezy is allergic to the squirrel that has been tagging along with the Glooms. [7] The season premiered on Disney XD on January 23, 2016. After Hildy botches her new aging spell and turns herself and the Queen into old ladies, the 7D search for The Fountain of Youth. When Charmsalot refuses to compensate the dragon, the latter brings his big brother to attack the castle, but the recent knight graduates come back to save the day. He also said it is a contemporary take on the film as the characters are hip to the current generation and its pop culture references. On December 2, 2014, the series was renewed for a second season,[6] where Ruegger planned to make 39 half-hour episodes. Hildy prepares for the Ultimate Supreme Sorceress Pageant hosted by Snake Charming. Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot must trek to the top of Mt. Grumpy is almost always negative, he’ll save the day but he’ll grouse about it the whole time. Grim Gloom is Hildy’s devoted and doting husband. Suspecting the Glooms might have stolen them, the 7D sneak into the pageant and end up being the judges for the competition, as Hildy ends up in the finals against Snazzy Shazam and Jinxy Coven. In the forest, Sneezy discovers a rare featherless and furless griffin, whome he makes his pet, calling it "Sniffy". Queen Delightful summons the 7D, who burrow under the Glooms’ home to take back the Magic Mirror. While trying to stop Little Bunny Foo Foo from bopping the field mice, Dopey stumbles into the lair of Jollywood's most powerful sorcerer. Disney XD's Saturday Morning (2009–13) Disney XD's My Life (2010) Saturday Mornings Disney XD Style (2010) Phineas and Ferb's Summer Vacation (2010) Nonstop Summer (2012–13) Disney Fandom (2013) Randomation Animation (2013–14) Show Me the Monday (2013-2014) Show Me the Shark (2014) Animacation (2014) D|XP (2017) See also. However, the Glooms bring in more pests in the form of rats, so Grumpy calls the Pied Paper, who has the 7D play a tune to lead the rats away, but Starchbottom finds that the woodland creatures have returned.

In order to get to the Kingdom of the Cloud to fix the Bing Bong Bell which is ringing on its own, the 7D obtain the seeds for the Bing Bong Beanstalk in order to grow it to get to the Kingdom of the Clouds. After visits to the Gingerbread Witch, the Water Witch, and the Snow Witch, they find the Frog Witch, their kiss changing her back into her true form of Princess Prettyhead. Jones. When Hildy learns of Delightful's fear of spiders, she turns Grim into a giant spider and places him in the castle. The 7D team up with the dashing Nicely Done when one of their own is captured by the Sheriff of Plottingham. [5] On December 2, 2014, the series was renewed for a second season. Doc and the gang set out to solve a mystery of the missing Baroness Bonbon.

They ride a multi-purpose vehicle called a Flumadiddle to search for the creature. Dopey has been keeping woodland creatures as pets, so the 7D tell him to not bring any more home. But the Mirror judges Delightful the fairest in the land anyway, revealing that she looks at a person’s inner beauty. Hildy dresses up as a fortune teller, taking along Crystal Ball, and makes accurate predictions thanks to Grim's background actions to make them true. While picking Giggleberries for Queen Delightful's serious award ceremony, Happy eats one too many and starts giggling like crazy, at risk of giggling forever, so now Grumpy and Dopey set off on a quest to retrieve I've-Got-the-Blues Berries, which can cure the giggling. The Glooms steal the cheese and bring it to the queen, but she remarks she likes the cheese, revealing that she was just kidding and letting Grumpy have the cheese once the Glooms leave.

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