The production of 30 million tons next year, 60 million tons in the year after that, and 120 million tons in 1962 is a deceptive possibility and not a realistic possibility. This is to say that there are balance, disruption, and balance restored after disruption. China was also like this. We must enjoin the cadres to be good at learning how to distinguish nine fingers from one finger, or the majority of fingers from the minority of fingers. One wave comes in as another crests. We must not deceive ourselves.

For example, people who believe that they should always fight against the people in their life who are trying to control them, such as their parents or their partner, will have to consider that they are actually allowing their loved ones to control them if it affects them that much. Of course, it will not be possible for this resolution to resolve all our problems. Things will invariably head toward their opposites. Now our reputation is great and our strength insignificant. Making fewer mistakes can be, and should be, done. Freud also was aware of the way that dialectical thinking works, though it is unclear that he used the term "dialectical" or "dialectics." To understand analysis is to understand dialectics. It is nothing but an attempt to go to Karl Marx and ask for a reward. For example, economic construction was possibly completed at a somewhat faster rate in the past, because conditions of war existed at that time. Upon arrival in Wu-ch’ang, I thought it was not such a wonderful idea after all. The question is making fewer mistakes or making smaller mistakes.

Our resolution is to make it possible for them to consolidate. One possibility is consolidation and the other is splits. It is simply to avoid discussing dialectics. Taking it as a whole, our first Five-Year Plan was correct. Labor and rest and high speed and low speed also have identity.

Any one person needs the support of others. They fail because of mismanagement. Some are doing a very good job, some are committing mistakes. Provinces, regions, counties, areas and townships should all have them. Stalin was wrong in rendering absolute the three kinds of ownership, namely collective ownership, socialist ownership by all the people and communist ownership by all the people and describing them as distinctly separate. Their mistakes are only one-tenth. Some members are being expelled, some are being admitted. Within the Communist Party there are “leftists” and rightists. If a boil appears on one of them, he will have to ask a doctor to treat it. There are dogmatists and opportunists among Communist Party members. Our comrades often are confused by their 10 fingers. Don’t forget nine fingers and one finger. This kind of fight for a right proceeds from the whole interests of the country and not from local interests. One becomes two, two becomes four. In doing anything there has to be a period of high speed and a period of low speed. We still have to help them to amend.

Nevertheless, there is an inner connection between them. Labor turns into rest and rest turns into labor. By examining the opposite of something, the human brain can understand the world and the people in it. We will go 10, 20 years backward and return to the Yenan period. He spoke well. In reality, there are various shades of Marxists. Economically and militarily we are a weak country. The encirclement and suppression of Wang Ming was the same as the Liberation Army transferring a few regiments to encircle the enemy in battle. But I am unconvinced. We must forget we are officials; we must be on an equal footing with everybody. He is always talking about how good American imperialism is and how bad the Soviet Union is. These people are relatively dangerous, because their thinking is a reflection of bourgeois ideology within the Party. Aside from a handful who persevere in mistakes or have a share in them whenever mistakes are made, the majority of people who have committed errors can be rectified. This is not possible. Another portion of the people entertains right opportunist or revisionist misconceptions. Both Marx and Lenin were able to do it. There are two kinds of practical possibilities. The Soviet Union already has 55 million tons of steel, while we still have only this little tiny bit. “From of old, men of seventy years have rarely been seen.” Man invariably will perish. I was a bit worried. Collective ownership contains the factors of communist ownership by all the people. Only their method of approach to problems is one-sidedness of the “left.” When they have put a stop to this kind of one-sidedness, they will have taken a big step forward. Both Emperor Wen and Emperor Wu were saints! “It objected to consolidation and advocated resoluteness, fearlessness, firmness and daringness, pressing forward in victory and making a direct attack on Nan-Ch’ang[1].” How is it possible? It is bad not to have a good heart or to beget an evil desire, which is nothing more than down with you and let me take over. We do this in order to establish opposites. Lenin’s dialectics Stalin’s metaphysics and present-day dialectics. There is not much more writing to be done. Dialectics is to study the main trend and the side issues, the essence and the outward appearance. As a matter of fact, after December last year, we still exposed among the primary school teachers over 100,000 rightists, who constituted one-half of the 300,000 rightists all over the country. Once a meeting is opened, it immediately embraces the factor of closing the meeting. There are 100 percent Marxists, 90 percent Marxists, 70 percent Marxists, 60 percent Marxists, 50 percent Marxists. [SOURCE: Long Live Mao Zedong Thought, a Red Guard Publication.].

He was fragrant for a time. The contention of one hundred schools of thought in the period of Warring States was dialectics and the classical learning of the feudal times was metaphysics. Dialectic is a thing of closed logic, of minor and major premises leading inexorably toward irrefutable conclusions. A person has 10 fingers.

Irrigation means water.

For example, the rightists. But after only several months of “blooming” there have appeared Wang Ming and other monsters and freaks. To me it seems an ill-advised attitude to call oneself omniscient and almighty like God. He fabricated things such as a four-man clique and two market stalls. We must be good-hearted. The more he acted like this, the more people would talk.

The Hungarian incident was a big split, while the Kao and Mo incidents were medium splits. A group of messhalls also will fail if they serve their rice cold or serve rice without the dishes that go with it. They were afraid of blaming themselves during the full and frank airing of views. Such being the case, the core of dialectics can be grasped immediately. But mankind as a whole will grow and flourish. There isn’t anything that is not mutually transformable. Our People’s Republic of China also has two possibilities: victory after victory or extinction. It is a natural law. The general policy is: “To take warning from the past in order to be more careful for the future; to treat the illness in order to save the patient.” We must allow people who have made mistakes in line to correct those mistakes. We must call the Party’s attention to this. Truths are developed from struggle with fallacies. The Greek term for the contradiction that generally signals the end of a round of dialectic is, Contemporary Theories of Rhetoric and Dialectic. Opposites did exist in the persons of the 300,000 rightists. This is not just their personal problems. Some people put on the airs of a veteran by saying: “When I was making revolution, you were still crawling under the table!” If you employ that line, people won’t like to hear it. Why did the Anhwei provincial delegation not talk about Li Shih-nung in its speech? Only when there is comparison can a distinction be made and development materialize. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that economic construction will follow the law of wave-like advances and make progress. But our strength is not.

In a country such as ours, which is poor in the extreme, it is very well to organize some small indigenous groups!

Frequently, when people see that one finger is injured, they will say all ten fingers are defective. I am unconvinced. This is the unity of opposites. The unity of opposites is conditional, temporary, transitional, relative and mutually exclusive. We will not be afraid if among the 12 million Party members there are 20,000 or 30,000 who possess awareness and foresight. Now, this is an incorrect appraisal of the situation and an expression of doubts about the general policy of the Party. The Central Soviet Area was 100 percent Bolshevized.

Revisionism or right opportunism also employed this method. If there were only men and no women, or denied [the existence of ] women, what would we do? Capitalist society does not permit organizing the mode of production of the socialist collective, but the communist factors should be allowed to grow in socialist enterprises under the leadership of communist parties. Many changes can occur in a movement and it is all the more necessary to exchange information. When the rightists emerged, could anybody not have worried?
All provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions should call meetings once every two months to review and sum up their work. Tactically, it will be different.

Unity-struggle-unity. “A good fellow still needs three helpers, a bamboo fence still needs three posts.” This is a Chinese proverb. Nor does he have marriage relationships with my sons or daughters. We must look after workers in the factories and all peasants in the collectives. Generalissimo Chiang is an old friend of mine. We should talk about mutual benefit.. Dialectics has been developed substantially and it immediately involves this problem. This is dialectics. If we insist on shielding them, then every thing will be all right. Whether we let them loose or not is a question of policy. Here I am not talking about Ku Ta-ts’un, Li Shih-nung, P’an X X, Ch’n Tsai-li and Li Feng. In this connection see “Resolution on Certain Questions in the History of our Party” S.W., Vol. The setbacks, defeat or extinction of socialism will be temporary because it will be restored before long. Since last year, splits have occurred within the leading groups of one-half of the provinces in the country. However, good people sometimes also look at it the same way and there are such people in the Communist Party. We should make some allowance and let the practice of the masses exceed our plan. Our Party had previously bogged down in metaphysics  —  dogmatism  —  by completely destroying those people whom it did not like. We permit them. Dialectical thinking is when a person examines or … Besides, whether there is a possibility or not is also a question. All living organisms are converted from nitrogen, hydrogen and 10 other elements. Therefore, we must make vigorous preparations, exert our energies to produce tens of million tons of steel within three or four years and establish an industrial base so that we will be more consolidated than now. I have so far not made the acquaintance of Wang Ming.

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