Cable de alimentación que puede alimentar hasta 6 equipos desde una única toma eléctrica. • Rock-n-Roll! Did you know that Electro-Harmonix makes many of the world's greatest vacuum tubes? Dig it, now you can rock EHX in our new heavy-duty black hoodie! Include with your returned unit:  a written description of the problem as well as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and RA#; and a copy of your receipt clearly showing the purchase date. Here are a few easy ways to stay informed on the latest news from Electro-Harmonix... Have a question, comment, suggestion? Here are a few easy ways to stay informed on the latest news from Electro-Harmonix... Have a question, comment, suggestion? AUVISA, Via Sergia, 86 08302 Mataró (Barcelona).
Modifications not expressly approved by the manufacturer could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment under FCC rules. True bypass.

Fuente de alimentación para pedaleras con 12 salidas de 9V. Customers outside the regions listed below, please contact EHX Customer Service for information on warranty repairs at or +1-718-937-8300. United States & Canada PEDALTRAIN SST. GUITTO GPB02. True bypass. Plug the supplied 24VDC/100mA AC Adapter into an AC outlet. Come join the. Pedal de efecto Chorus analógico de la serie Classics popularizado por Kurt Cobain que ofrece un efecto desde claro, rico y dimensional hasta cálido que puede intensificarse con el control de profundidad. Setting the COLOR control at its most clockwise point could cause an oscillation noise.

PALMER PWT12 MK2. Compra ELECTRO HARMONIX DELUXE ELECTRIC MISTRESS XO PEDAL FLANGER ANALOGICO. Auvisa es una empresa formada por profesionales con amplia experiencia, con el objetivo de dar el mejor servicio y con la inquietud de tener siempre una solución para nuestros clientes. Tel: +44 179 247 3258 Email us at It’s emblazoned with the iconic Electro-Harmonix Flashback logo in white on the left chest and back. CALINE CP13 SUPER CHORUS. Voodoo Lab Power 2, es un alimentador universal para pedales de guitarra con 8 salidas completamente aisladas para alimentar cualquier pedal. Packs guitarra acústica para principiantes, Accesorios y recambios para amplificadores guitarra, Fundas y estuches para amplificador guitarra, Guitarras Fender American Professional II, Fender American Professional II Stratocaster, Fender American Professional II Telecaster, Fender American Professional II Jazzmaster, Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass, PALMER PEDALBAY40 PEDALERA VARIABLE CON BOLSA DE TRANSPORTE ACOLCHADA 45CM, PALMER PWC6 CABLE DE ALIMENTACION PEDALES EN CADENA, STAGG UPC500 ESTUCHE PARA PEDALES DE GUITARRA, VOODOO LAB PEDAL POWER 2 PLUS ALIMENTADOR PEDALES, PALMER PWT08 FUENTE DE ALIMENTACION UNIVERSAL 9V 8 SALIDAS, ROLAND RIC-GPC CABLE INSTRUMENTO GOLD SERIES JACK JACK ANGULADOS 15CM, ROLAND RIC-G1AA CABLE INSTRUMENTO GOLD SERIES JACK JACK ANGULADOS 30CM, ROLAND RIC-BPC CABLE INSTRUMENTO BLACK SERIES JACK JACK ANGULADOS 15CM, PALMER PWT12 MK2 FUENTE DE ALIMENTACION 12 SALIDAS, PEDALTRAIN PT-SST SPACE SAVING TUNER AFINADOR COMPACTO PARA PEDALERAS, ASHTON PEDALSTATION-JNR PEDALERA PARA PEDALES CON FUNDA, GUITTO GPB-02 PEDALBOARD M PEDALERA PARA PEDALES, ADAM HALL K4IRR0015FLM CABLE CON CONECTORES ANGULADOS DORADOS JACK JACK 15CM, ELECTRO HARMONIX SMALL CLONE PEDAL CHORUS, CALINE CP13 SUPERCHORUS PEDAL CHORUS GUITARRA.

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