And now about to go get the World Series ring he deserves.

The lack of a bullpen who could close games out. Dodgers Nation is a small business founded and run by Dodger fans born in Los Angeles. The Okinawa native married his high school girlfriend Tricia Roberts. Ryu could even had pitched.

Been a Dodger fan since i was 14 and I am 72 now but if they don’t fire Roberts I will never look at another Dodger game again . Add Roberts’ line-ups and pitching changes – now put your confidence in what you don’t believe in and trust the coach … how does that feel? I’m hard pressed to think of a better choice. The Only Thing I can Say, Is, Where Have You Gone, Mr. O’Malley, Mr. Campanis– Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Maury Wills, Tommy Davis, John Roseboro, and all of the Truly Great Dodger Players, I Grew Up, With ??? Michelle. It worked so why not?! and well it wouldn’t as it was always some bizarre move. Marshall Garvey Andrew Friedman has a lot of work to do to rebuild a bullpen and starting staff. THE SHOW GOES ON!!! Sad Men, the tale of Dave's disastrous attempts to climb the advertising ladder came out in March 2014. After this past NLDS, though, there’s only one thing to say: Dave Roberts should be immediately fired as manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, without hesitation. Broadcaster (1954) Weatherman (1961) Hosted the American TV Kids show Rocket Ship 7 under the name of Dave Thomas.

When writers kept asking him about how he was going to use Kershaw for the rest of the series, he should have said nothing. Forget about the stupid analytics play the veterans he played Lux in one of the games at Washington.

I think IF the ownership makes a change they better start with Freidman who always is planning for next year, but doing nothing about the present. And with all the poor offensive performances you mention which are correct, yet there we were with a 2 run lead and 6 outs to go and decided to break the norm and bring in Kershaw for some emotional, heart felt reason when maeda was warm and Rendons career numbers against kershaw are almost .500?The fact that kolarek wasnt warm as you mention is another manager mistake. However, I believe without the high strikeout rate we would have won the series. To his credit, Roberts led the team through a hellish regular season to a second straight WS appearance. Darvish tipped pitches. Enough said it’s time for a major changing of the guard. Poncho from Waco. A team as talented as LA simply cannot be held back by such incompetence. His loves (aside from his family) include Bromley Football Club, the music of Saint Etienne, Coronation Street, Eastenders and Golden Retrievers.His favourite books are the entire Adrian Mole series by Sue Townsend, Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene and The Adventures of Goodnight & Loving by Leslie Thomas. ), Dave Roberts wanted to show off his old ace Kershaw thinking he’s still the same Kershaw everyone was afraid of”. Maeda coming out after smoking the inning he pitched still baffles me. We lose. Bring back Cey, Garvey,Russell, Lopes,Scocia, Baker,3Dog(rip),and R.Smith real gamers.Seriously thinking of another team , cause what all Dodger Fans want is not going to happen! Why put him in as a reliever when Maeda and Mays has been lights out.

Agree ,great comment. He called Aurilia to tell him. I’m still wondering why Russel Martin who had caused so much damage to the Nationals in Game 3 not played in Games 4 and 5 which we lost.

26 strikeouts!!!! Roberts is an arrogant clown. But Roberts does have to learn from this one He can be a great manager for us, though, and has done fine otherwise for us. The FO did Roberts no favor with his BP; however, using Kersh when Maeda and Kolarek were available was poor decision making. Lou: I’ve been a very long time Dodger fan as well. Roberts finally at last settled in San Diego, Ca…

There is so much that is wrong with Roberts it is just insane to have him back.

It’s time for Dave to find a new home. After years of defending him, I now agree with Roberts’ critics.

When I heard that Rich Aurilia and Dave Roberts had started to produce wine in their own winery, I must admit I was unimpressed. “We don’t bottle anything until we all agree on the final cuvée.”. Clean out his desk and escort him off the property, thrown him out of a car in the middle of Boyle Heights. 5) How many players were hot for game 1?

So was Dave’s wife, Tricia, and their children, Cole and … Did you forget they were ahead 3 to 1 when Kersh came in? There is no reason these owners shouldn’t be spending $300 million on 2-3 free agent studs. Dave Roberts’s full name is David Ray Roberts. Not the Dodgers. I’m sorry, but my focus here is on the ineptitude of Bellinger, Seager and A. J. Pollock to perform on the big stage. Aurilia loves to find the next collectible wine from anywhere in the world and stash it away in his home in Scottsdale, Ariz., the town where the Giants do spring training. Roberts stinks, the owners stink and now I will stink because I bring up the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about.
this was not done. Now if could only bring back the O”Malleys, Fred Claire and Lasorda……. But we don’t want to be the baseball guys who make wine. The umps are horribly off and it cost many a win for many a team, just think of how many less trophy’s the NY Whine-kings would have w tech of today, at least Half, or how many games in the past were altered because of missed non replay challenges at the bases. Roberts cannot learn a lifetime of mentoring that leads to inspiration in 12 months, nor can he can he face the players he failed to lead in the first place. They looked tired. I’m also smart enough to know you don’t insult your fan base with an announcement to spend gobs of money but not to improve the ball club. Despite being home run-prone all season, having a long history of postseason failures, and facing the Nationals’ best hitters, he was left in. Dave Roberts has been one of those annoying bike couriers, a security guard, a Civil Servant, a KFC chef who was fired for trying to steal a sample of the secret recipe and a train driver - all before reaching 20. Dodgers hit 8 HR’s in this series but yet they were given a harsh tast of their own medicine in losing this game Not much more to be said at this time. Put Hunnycutt in as manager, he can’t be worse. In last years world series The team had plenty of opportunities to play hit ans run or run and hit but they never did. Disagree completely, this article and comments are more emotional then the moves made by Roberts last night. Will Smith didn’t do anything either. Well, herewe are 3 years later and Greinke was what 18-5? The larger error was bringing in Kelly and then thinking his one inning successful outing could be repeated. 10/10/2019, 8:30 AM. The definition of insanity is expecting a different result if he stays. Everyone on the team loves him. 2) Roberts did what HE thought was best, but coaches don’t win games, players win games and coaches do what is best for them – the team! But the fact is bellinger got on base and stole second twice and he didn’t score. They never won a single championship with the likes of Joe Mauer, Torii Hunter, Johan Santana, and Justin Morneau. Tommy Lasorda was better than Roberts.

But here’s the thing: the Dodgers are so obscenely talented and rich that they will make the playoffs with just about any barely competent manager. We need a healthy Verdugo back and a possible trade package of Stripling,Barnes and Beatty or Peterson to acquire bullpen help or a big right handed bat. Required fields are marked *. Fans on here are ok with 106 wins? Dave and Tricia started dating while they were in high school at Vista High School. So, Dodger hitters looked swing happy (again) and then it was a matter of who could hold the Nets to less than 3 runs.
Wait’ll next year may as well be the team slogan.. Why not just put it on the back of all the warmup jackets and the tickets, just so no one expects too much. Can’t depend on guys who throw 90 or less, Kershaw, Hill, Stripling. Dave Roberts can’t manage under pressure in the post season. Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts poses for a selfie with his wife, Tricia, and kids, Emmerson and Cole.

Another piece of deadwood that has to go is Pedro Baez, who blew game 4 and many others. Sure enough, he coughed up homers to Anthony Rendon and Juan Soto. Dave Roberts had 10 times the talent Mattingly had to work with and did not have to deal with clubhouse cancers like Carl Crawford and all the drama surrounding team ownership etc. They did not score a lot, or hit with runners in scoring position, and that is what killed us more than Roberts. If the Dodgers stick with Roberts after this (and the Rich Hill snafus of 2018), they run the risk of falling into that same trap. Basd in da commints abuv, it lookz lik Doger fans shuld wurree mor abut there spellink than Dav Roburts…, As an outfielder Roberts never developed a catchers Bochyesque Tactical Ability to know when to make a pitching change, Bochy won three World Series with teams with inferior talent because he understood pitchers Roberts has lost with teams with superior talent by making the wrong pitching moves. I am NOT over him starting Darvish last year, & felt that if I could see the LOST look on his eyes who in their right mind would let the guy start a game in the WS…Period! If you were a player, would confidence breakdown a shred to see players you don’t think should be there? This debacle is vintage 1962 all over again when Walt Alston kept Hall of Fame Don Drysdale in the bullpen during the entire infamous ninth inning. Roberts played for five major league teams but is most famous for his ninth-inning stolen base in Game 4 of the 2004 American League Championship Series that sparked the Boston Red Sox’ improbable comeback against the New York Yankees.

If fact, the Yankees have a tremendous BP, and lack dominant starting pitching, and there is no guarantee they can beat the Astros or Bucs. I don’t want to see this kind of postgame anymore.

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