You get the fifth page by honking the Golden Freddy plush's nose about 20 times, then turning around, then turning back around. Phase 3 has his body and arm showing in front of the keyhole. Mission 1: Walk out of the bathroom, and go left to get the furnace room, then left again to go up the stairs. At this point, you must get past Endo B. To counter this, when you hear the 3rd knock, quickly turn off the light if it is on, then press space to sit down. You can only have one door closed at a time, and the direction of each door is based nf the ones on the alt cams. To reduce the loss of Sanity, you must turn on the light behind you. Endo F: This Endo appears on Mission 4. Use the cameras to see each of the Animatronics. In general: This night isn't too hard. However, getting too close to them will result in a jumpscare. Because of this, I just went in circles, dealing with Chica as I went along. He bribed the Police with money to not find anything, which failed. With Bonnie, you must time it so that he will attack directly after another one attacks. You must hold the curtains shut till you hear a faded robotic wail, in which you can then open the curtains. To know when he is coming, you can check the keyhole of the double doors to see what phase he is on. This will set them into an even rhythm. TJOC: THE JOY OF CREATION is the game from the famous horror game series FNAF, which features surviving the creepy animatronics. Note: Sometimes the game may glitch and Endo R will come even if the player enters the bathroom. If so, look behind you. If you hear Foxy's knock, stop what you are doing and check the cams for her. Foxy: Foxy will appear in each camera as a twitching figure with red eyes. In the last part of the third phone call, Phone Guy adopts a kind of evil tone. The mainframes are very out of place, and I'm afraid that if these animatronics were to put on, oh say, a show, they would probably pretty much go bonkers in front of the children. Your email address will not be published. They can also be found hidden inside containers, and you must wait until the growling stops to open the container. You should receive a hallucination telling you to go back. Then, book it. Being Directly in front of the door, or anywhere else in the room while they bust in will result in them killing you. Navigate between the C's, still staring at the two F's, and eventually, hit the back wall. They seemed to react in a way that I can't explain.. It-It's unusual. When its face disappears you have about 2-3 seconds to block the door. Chica: Chica appears at around 3 AM. Mission 5: Exit the bathroom, and wait until two endo f's spawn. 1920x1080 TJOC: The Joy Of Creation Wallpaper Background Image. Phone Guy is a person who assures Scott about the endoskeletons and animatronics. Stare at the 3rd F and carefully navigate around him and up the stairs backward. Phase 0 has him not there. To counter her, turn off the lights, and stay standing. Next, you must follow a pattern to survive. They will be there until the screen goes to static, in which case they will try to get in. The third phone call starts at 00:07:10, with Phone Guy explaining that the company had to evade the media. In the morning, you will find out more about the story. The Toggle cam switches between views of Creation and Golden Freddy, to views of the rooms that contain Endo C and Endo B. However, the music playing should be ignored along with the kids singing at around 3 am. Hit it, then go into the corner. Respond to each of the given signals with an appropriate response. Doing so reveal Golden Freddy, and your page will be on the board next to the light. Freddy will appear at the window to your left. Once you get to the top, try to open the door. Have fun! Press the button, then walk backward. Here are the Endos, and what they do: Endo B: This Endo appears on Missions 3 and 5. Often times you can just guess which one will go first and close that door, and look at the other camera to see if that one is going first instead, although it is usually the one that came on the camera first. TJOC: The Joy of Creation is a fantastic game of FNAF that you can not miss. Surviving each night will take you to the next level and it will get much harder on the next one. Freddy: The key to winning this night is to flash Freddy Eleven times. Personally, I said the number of knocks Bonnie has made out-loud to help keep track. Phone Guy is a person who assures Scott about the endoskeletons and animatronics. They will bust in the room from each of the side doors, with Freddy on right and foxy on the left, if you are facing the TV. Every 5 seconds or so, check up on the hallway cams, if both Endos are present, wait to see which one comes first by looking for the static on the camera, then closing the appropriate door. Go in the order: Check the Cams for Foxy(if she isn't there, get off the cam. But at times, he tries to make the company look good in front of the public. The Joy Of Creation Reborn Story Mode Living Room DEMO. Please stay safe. Once the game tells you to go back, head back to the bathroom. Because of this, you only need to check one of the two alt cams, as the other one isn't needed because the door is blocked; however this strategy can sometimes get you killed. His mission is to keep himself and his family safe for 5 nights. Master Strategy: For this night, I made a special system to deal with it. Also, looking at Chica will freeze her, which can buy you some needed time. Simply point and click to take actions and use items for surviving. Summarizing: Always see the alt cam. You don't want that, and quite frankly, I don't want that either. I don't know if I can do this, Scott, it's very hard to keep company at my Basement. If you open the door/window that she is at, she will kill the player. Also, I noticed this while playing, in that instead of listening for specific sounds, listen on which side of the headphone the noise is most heavy. The Joy Of Creation Story Mode UPDATE 1 Version: 0.1.0 4 months ago. The shock switch has a slow recharge, so use it with the current situation in mind. To do this, you must open the door he is currently at. To slow him down, shock him. Mission 6: Walk to the stairs, and go up them. You will know when she is at one of the entrances, as she will make a knocking sound. You can not survive an attack from two animatronics at once, though you can survive one if they are close but not together. Use any remaining instant to shock Creature if you are focused on blocking the attacking Endos. You get the second page by looking inside the keyhole after holding down the pause button during the phone call for about 10-20 seconds. When you are almost done, the attic will catch on fire. His mission is to keep himself and his family safe for 5 nights. View, download, comment, and rate - Wallpaper Abyss Failure to sit down or close your eyes or turn off the lights will result in Foxy appearing above you, his eyes turning red, then a jumpscare if you remain staring for too long. Note: It is still possible to die during this segment even if you don't look back and also keep moving forward. Endo C: This Endo appears on Missions 1, 2, and 5. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To counter them, you must use the TV to pause one of them enough so that the delay in between their attacks will give you the time to hide from both. In Phase 4, he will attack. If you have not flashed him 10 times by 6 AM, the lights will go off, and he will start twinkling in the main door, before disappearing, and randomly jump-scaring you. If you want you can try to look away on this part, for there is another Endo C behind you. Failure to do so will kill you. In general: Looking at an Animatronic will drain your sanity. Wait a few seconds to be sure, then interact with it once to get a cupcake. Do not interact with it twice though. ), get up and check the left door for Freddy, then check the front door for Freddy, then the right window, then go back to the cams. We’ve gotta do something, it’s… getting out of hand. Use the screen flick to make them next to each other, then exit through another gate while staring at them. If all else fails, looking just far enough away will allow you to deal with Freddy and stopping Foxy from being able to kill you. Phase 4 has his red eye peering directly into the keyhole. The Joy Of Creation Story … *Slight pause* You have to speak about my proposition... that would be nice... TheJoyofCreation Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. To put the hat in, go up the stairs towards the door. Pick it up quickly. Interact with the trash can, and a hook should fall out. Each Animatronic has a very certain safe area, though Freddy's seemed to me to be a bit bigger. All you have to do. I will try to make those games replayable and fix many of their flaws. The sound can be muffled by other animatronics sounds, so you still may need to check. Ha, hah! If you hear any running at the night, pause for a second to listen for what direction the heavier part of the sound is coming from and close that door. I just wanted to call and make sure you know, unlike, uh,  last time... As for the company, I have no idea. Mission 3: Exit the Bathroom. Endo R: This Endo appears on Missions 1 and 2. Grab the hook, and bring it to the furnace in the next room. Make sure to open the one on the left, as the one on the right contains Endo C. Grab the guitar inside the left locker, put in the furnace, then go back to the Screen room, and grab the hat next to the screens. Still, do not panic. Master Strategy: To beat this night, prioritize. Bonnie: Bonnie will appear through the main double doors in the middle of the biggest wall. Based on what direction the noise is coming from, close the appropriate door. I would like to note that if at any time the game tells you to go back, go back. Then, keep moving backward, while looking at him, until you hit the furnace room wall, try to hit the back right corner. A general tip is to always listen for the running fallen, keep a system with your flashes. To slow him down, shock him. TheJoyofCreation Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. There are three entrances to the room, the window, the closet, and the main doors. If you hear a quiet creaking sound, and a ray of light coming from the right, she is there. Once you reach the door, the Endo C should be gone. While the light is off, you still slowly lose sanity. Then, head back downstairs. © 2020 Valve Corporation. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. If you are in red while she jumpscares you, you will die. Master Strategy: Start of the night by shocking Creation, then closing the door right of the monitor (right door), and switching the alt cam to the door left of the monitor (left door)(This because that cam has more light, avoiding confusion between an imminent attack and a false alarm). Whenever the shock is available: if any Endo is soon to attack (but not imminent), quickly shock Creation and switch back the alt cam ready for the attack; if there is no threat from any Endo, search for Freddy and shock him only if there is enough time to prevent Creation from advancing afterwards (if you have shocked Freddy more than 7 times then you should always choose to shock him.). You should see Golden Freddy through the keyhole. The Joy of Creation Story Mode: Strategy Guide,, Presumed to be an employee at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. They can get caught on objects, and will never move as long as they are on screen. If she attacks you at 5 AM, you will die. Mission 4: Walk forwards. Bonnie himself can't kill you until all cameras have been destroyed. You don’t have anything to defend yourself and your family except for some switches and doors. You get the first page by holding the curtains down for about 20 seconds or so on the Bedroom during the phone call.

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