The another important debate over the security forwarded by Copenhagen school of thoughts which Security: A New Framework for Analysis is a book by Barry Buzan, Ole W? Security concerns do not travel well over distances and threats are therefore most likely to occur in the region. Therefore, there is lot more attention given to maritime security in the region

3) Piracy-actions against ships underway an outside the protections of port authorities in the territorial waters, straits and the high seas This convention has explained the division of The 'Maritime boundary ' of any state from the baseline is separated into three-sub categories based on distance from the baseline and rights of exploration. Rizal Sukma (2007:2) categorizes the current security challenges facing the ASEAN states into three groups: internal (in) security, traditional Security challenges and the non-traditional security challenges. Would A Body Count Change Your Mind? The treaty finally came in to existence in the march 1, 1992.

Singapore has repeatedly emphasised that the primary responsibility for maritime security risks extensively with the Indian Ocean littoral states. Between 1990 and 1996, piracy emerged as a widespread phenomenon in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Malacca Strait. ' In addition, most of the piracy incident has shifted away from the Malacca Strait towards the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Macau, and extended zone which is bounded by Hong Kong, Luzon and the Hainan Island, and the so-called HLH 'terror triangle. The presence of a couple of failed states like Somalia, Yaman, Ethiopia, etc further fuelled the complexity of sea-faring by the container ships carrying trade goods. The phenomenon has emanated globalization as solemn factor to connecting distant entities and catalyzing the global trade and commerce. ' ), Human security is the name of an emerging paradigm which, in response to traditional emphasis on the right of nation states to protect themselves,[14] has focused on the primacy of the security of people (individuals and communities). ?31'E) and The Brothers (1? Distance of 24 (NM) is called 'Contiguous Zone', countries can impose infringement its water laws and tax. CSCAP defines 'Maritime Terrorism as a unilateral act of violence at the sea with intention for political or destructive end but not those associated with war declared under the laws of war'. Security practice areas encompass many domains, such as the law, military, public security, and homeland security, to private security. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Harvard Draft. ' In the past the vessel Fu Tai and the cargo ship Tenyu, was hijacked on 5 August and 27 September of 1998 respectively, which had serious security implications. It is observed that the most of the Piracy incident took place around the failed sates, for instance, Somalia, Ethiopian and Yemen. Asia-Pacific region has experienced a tremendous economic rise leading to the transportation of a large number of cargo ships and containers, which is a major driving force to rise of piracy.

' Security threat after the post-9/11 era. The term is also used to refer to acts and systems whose purpose may be to provide security (e.g. 0 Insulator states sometimes isolate regions, such as Afghanistan's location between the Middle East and South Asia.

Picture 1: Martime Boundaries An act of violence or of the depredation committed with intent acts with to rob, rape, wound, enslave, imprison or kill a person or with intent to steal or destroy property, for private ends without bona fide purpose of asserting a claim of right, provided that the act is connected with an attack on the sea or in or from the air. '

A total of 122 attack represents 51.7 percent of all attacks took place in this triangle. The recent years have witnessed the number of incidents calling for a serious study on sea piracy. ' The IMO has initiated a step to take some positive steps to as the Convention on the 'Suppression of Unlawful Activities against the Safety of Maritime Navigation' (SUA) on 10 March 1988.

The range of security contexts is illustrated by the following examples (in alphabetical order): Computer security, also known as cybersecurity or IT security, refers to the security of computing devices such as computers and smartphones, as well as computer networks such as private and public networks, and the Internet.

These initiatives have helped Indonesia to mitigate the problem and decrease the intensity of the situation.

This cause of the tremendous sense of insecurity as a large number of sea pirates operate across that region. In order to institutionalization and the codifying of the problem of piracy, the first international efforts are known as a 'Harvard Draft' which was a voluntary study published in the 1932.

h�b```a``� "�0�1 3+P�c���@p�u������k_,?�'#��O�tp��6˧��w�'�Vk����a�eO�I�*��Z�N2t��0)Nh��p⇰8:�����8�4�6 A8� �Ă`� �� 3Lr6�Y�H)$.8�|���u�k��=`_1���(��>�x D3pH���2��E�84� �? Beneficiaries (technically referents) of security may be of persons and social groups, objects and institutions, ecosystems or any other entity or phenomenon vulnerable to unwanted change. Singapore, which is economically most vibrant country bordering the Malacca Strait, has been grappling with the two fold problems in the form of piracy and maritime terrorism.

The security of each actor in a region interacts with the security of the other actors. ' Security' is thus a self-referential practice; because it is in this practice that the issue becomes a security issue ' not necessarily because a real existential threat exists but because the issue is presented as such a threat'The process of security is what in language theory is called a speech act. It covers approximately 2 million square kilometers of water. History of Piracy, There is a common consensus on the determination of maritime boundaries among the nation under the auspices of United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) 1982. Privacy policy | Website terms of use | XML sitemap, International Relations and Politics essays, 1) Corruption-acts of extortion or collusion against marine vessels by government officials and /or port authorities Source:

The definition is the comprehensive and according to the changing patterns of post- cold war era. '

As such, CS theory can be regarded as 'widening' traditional materialist security studies by looking at security in these 'new' sectors.

These incidents forced to US to re-engage in the Southeast Asia region due to opening of second front to fight against terrorism.

The list of sectors is primarily an analytical tool created to spot different dynamics. Defining the Concept of Security

[9] It concerns the protection of hardware, software, data, people, and also the procedures by which systems are accessed.

' National security refers to the security of a nation state, including its people, economy, and institutions. Geo-strategic location and importance of the Malacca Strait

Malacca Strait 2 2 1 2 1 security. The study will also critically evaluate the fruitful prospects of the interstate cooperation in this regard. The trans-boundary security threats faced by the ASEAN countries have an interesting dimension to it.

The definition is considered as vague due to its ability to make a distinction between piracy and robbery in the territorial waters and high sea. All the Gap issues, whether violent or not, represent a direct challenge to the underlying stability, cohesion and fabric of the modern sovereign state.

' Ecological security, also known as environmental security, refers to the integrity of ecosystems and the biosphere, particularly in relation to their capacity to sustain a diversity of life-forms (including human life). ?16'N 103? The scholars of post-cold war era broadly termed as comprehensive security.

Edward Kolodziej has compared it to a Tower of Babel . 4) Maritime terrorism- crimes against the ships by terrorist organizations.

This dependence on the sea route also increases the threat perception as well real threat due to the vastness of the sea routes; more so is this Malacca Strait which is one of busiest sea route for the sea trade purposes. The third substrate refers to national security, defined as being linked to the state's monopoly over use of force in a given territory and as a substrate of security that emphasizes the military and policing components of security. ' [11] Food security is gaining in importance as the world's population has grown and productive land has diminished through overuse and climate change. On the East. The presence of a couple of failed states like Somalia, Yaman, Ethiopia, etc further fuelled the complexity of sea-faring by the container ships carrying trade goods. In the early 20th century the piracy was mere considered a normal criminal activity and almost ignored to consider as a serious security threat. Security referents may be persons or social groups, objects, institutions, ecosystems, or any other phenomenon vulnerable to unwanted change by the forces of its environment. However, since past few years, despite countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore have shown great commitment towards wiping out the problem of piracy in the region, it still remains. Malacca Strait is handling 30 percent of world trade and 50 percent of crude oil transportation through more than 100,000 vessels every year. 'Yacht jacking' is an attack against a private vessel, targeting cash and marketable merchandise.

The IMB has incorporated new dimensions in the criteria of piracy. Barry Buzan also reiterated the concept of security as not either power or peace, but something in between (Buzan, Barry: 2009). For example, visual signs of security protections, such as a home that advertises its alarm system, may deter an intruder, whether or not the system functions properly. ?11.5'N 103?

There was a marked increase in the number of piracy cases after the Asian financial crisis of 1997. Available from:

For example, an action may have wide benefit, enhancing security for several or all security referents in the context; alternatively, the action may be effective only temporarily, or benefit one referent at the expense of another, or be entirely ineffective or counterproductive. Malaysia 16 18 16 9 9 Over 40% of India's imports come through the Strait of Malacca.

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