24. 64.

5. 38. Any sane person would not find such a statement remotely credible or take it seriously. Sola Scriptura in the Fathers 58.

The Eucharist 08. 85. Catholic Scandals Jack Chick claims to “love” Catholics, but in reality, his bogus misinformation and off-the-wall claims reveal that his love is not sincere, or that he is of the most pitiable and confused of people. 42. 33. Anyone may read the papal encyclical, Domini Iesus (“The Lord Jesus”) or the Catechism of the Catholic Church to see what the Catholic Church really teaches about Christ.

Orthodoxy Justin Martyr was a Catholic apologist in the mid-2nd century.

09. Yes, he actually believes these things, and they represent a mere spattering of bizarre beliefs which destroy any credibility he may have had. There were countless Catholics who lived before this time period, and we have their writings to prove it. Purgatory 72. It is no wonder why. Millennialism Jack, they are made out of plaster and marble!

Angels One wonders how that is possible.

(Showing the Catholic Church from the Bible), Sean Bryan the Papal Ninja!

In Why is Mary Crying?,  it makes the claim that Catholic Church came into existence around 300 A.D.. Holy Orders 13. 91. Revelation 01. 92.

45. 02. You know an anti-Catholic is fraudulent when Protestants and other anti-Catholics expose them. 27. This is kind of impossible since the Jesuit order was started some 300 years after the Inquisition was started, but again, facts don’t matter to Chick. Homosexuality The Koran 10. Liturgical Changes 14. 99. 62.

In typical fashion, he provides no sources or evidence for such an outlandish claim. 10. 61. Filioque The Mass
78. 82. Perpetual Virginity Degrees of Sin If this organization were truly sincere, they would act with God’s love, honesty, and accurately portray Catholic doctrine rather than presenting strawman arguments.

Tradition Catholics do not worship statues either, as asserted by Mr. Chick. 11. Penance Development of Doctrine Any Catholic who may have been duped by Chick, Alberto Rivera, and their wild imaginations, should see the light and come home!

Relics 20.

Faith and Works Additionally, check out our “Catholic Truth” YouTube channel where you will get nothing but authentic Catholic teaching and truth. The Book of Mormon Salvation There is evidence, however, that the earliest performances were sung responsorially, and it is probable that these were dropped at an early stage.

The Resurrection of the Body 18. There were countless Catholics who lived before this time period, and we have their writings to prove it. However, if these same Catholics looked deeper to see what Chick Publications really taught, they would run away laughing into the night. Catholic tracts for evangelization « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Author Topic: Catholic tracts for evangelization (Read 845 times) MichaelNZ. So goes the innumerable empty claims and outright lies of Chick Publications.

Prayer 20. It also proclaims, “No creature could ever be counted as equal with the Incarnate Word and Redeemer” (Paragraph 62). 87.

Modern Scripture Scholarship 2.


Heresies 02. 37. Matrimony/Holy Orders Jack Chick actually teaches that the Catholic Church started the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the KKK, Communism, the mafia, the Mormon religion, and the religion of Islam in order to take over the world. 75. The Novus Ordo Virtues Apostolic Succession T. heir goal is steal as many Catholics as possible through anti-Catholic cartoon tracts, known as “Chick Tracts,” and through anti-Catholic comic books. So how could Catholics not have existed until that time? Islam 09. 14. 22. 52.

Thousands have … 25. Even Protestants have looked into the claims of Jack Chick. Clerical Celibacy These portray the pope and the Catholic Church as Satan himself in disguise. Trinity

71. A-Tracts Groups and Movements 00. In the cartoon tract called the Death Cookie, which is a satanic mockery of the Eucharist, it calls the Vatican a “Habitation of devils which controls her people through witchcraft and magic.”.

They have not only proven them demonstratively false but to be outright fiction. 57. The principal is Joseph K Pultro from Hanover PA. 3. Indulgences Chick then asserts that the Catholic Church invented Mary worship, including statues of Mary, so they could attract pagans who worshiped the pagan goddess. 1. Protestantism 04. 90. 9. (paragraph 2112).

50. 93. Traditionalism Anti-Catholicism 01. 7. Any sane person would not find such a statement remotely credible or take it seriously.

There is not a Catholic on earth who believes that he has dual citizenship or believe that they could pass as a national of the Vatican. Monasticism

(If you would like to watch our video demonstrating that Catholics don’t worship statues.

The Catholic Church and the Bible The Works of Mercy The Scapular/Way of the Cross The New Age Additionally, check out our “Catholic Truth” YouTube channel where you will get nothing but authentic Catholic teaching and truth. Sacramentals Informed Catholics know that Mr. Chick does not bother presenting accurate information.
Chick Publications believes that the Catholic Church is from the devil. The company's principal address is 145 Bragg St, Hanover, PA 17331. The Sacraments The name apparently derives from either the drawn-out style of singing or the continuous structure without a refrain. These books portray the pope as the founder of several world religions like Islam, Mormonism, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses, not to mention the KKK, the mafia, and communism. God 10. 14. Salvation

Pretty much anything that is considered bad or evil, the Catholic Church is responsible for it. 12. statues either, as asserted by Mr. Chick.

Could you show us just one official Vatican document that teaches this Jack? The New Eve 15. The Koran Chick Publications believes that the Catholic Church is from the devil. Mode of Baptism 29. Predestination

95. The tract (Latin: tractus) is part of the proper of the Christian liturgical celebration of the Eucharist, used instead of the Alleluia in Lent or Septuagesima, in a Requiem Mass, and other penitential occasions, when the joyousness of an Alleluia is deemed inappropriate. The company has 1 principal on record.

The Holy Spirit Check out our video: Jesus Started the Catholic Church. 83. Communion and the developmentally disabled, Historical roots of Catholic Eucharistic theology, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tract_(liturgy)&oldid=910911367, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 August 2019, at 10:00.

The Veracity of Scripture

4. Baptism/Confirmation Revelation If you are confronted with an answer to a question that you do not know the answer to, look it up. Most anti-Catholics like Chick haven’t even read a single book written by a Catholic and yet believe themselves to be experts.


The New World Translation 06. Annulments Veneration of Mary Some Chick Tracts make the claim that no one in the Catholic Church can go to heaven revealing Chick’s fundamentalism and deep-rooted anti-Catholicism.

Merit and Reward Liturgical Abuse 17. There are anti-Catholics and then there are militant, rabid anti-Catholics who have one mission: destroy the Catholic Church at all costs. 16.

Co-Redemptrix 26. 84. 19. are made out of plaster and marble! 06. One may easily peruse any encyclopedia and look under the letter “P” (for Pope or Papacy) and explore a list of 264 popes going all the way back to St. Peter. The reality is that the Catholic Church condemns all idolatry while teaching worship of God alone. The Antichrist For Catholics and non-Catholics alike, or for anyone who interested in obtaining the real truth about Catholicism, read authentically Catholic books.

Feminism The Sacraments Temporal Punishment and Suffering Mediatrix


47. Rivera and Chick together are obsessed with the Jesuits, assigning to them every conspiracy theory imaginable, including being the masterminds behind the Inquisition. Morality


Jehovah's Witnesses It requires man neither to believe in, nor to venerate, other divinities than the one true God. Pope Dionysus in 262 A.D. spoke out in defense of the divinity of Christ. Since Chick’s above statement is purely fictitious, he attempts to explain away any objections by adding, “All of this has been covered up by history.”. 56. This is purely in his confused imagination. Vatican II Popes

94. Contraception These tracts attempt to dismantle Catholic doctrines and persuade people that all (yes all) Catholics are going to hell. ). Sacraments 98.

The site seems to be down right now, but when it gets back up, theres a section that is called “Library” (I think:confused: ) that has free printable tracts in brochure form on all the basic differences between Protestants-Catholics, along with issues like abortion and contraception and argues the Catholic position really well The Book of Mormon 08. Cyprian was the bishop of Carthage in the mid-3rd century. 17. The Bible, Wade Michael St. Onge (If you would like to watch our video demonstrating that Catholics don’t worship statues, click here. Schismatics 15. Grace

Monotheism The Title "Father" Added to the misinformation are Chick’s own misunderstandings and personal prejudices. Perspicuity of Scripture Reconciliation

The only people who would believe these claims in the face of actual history are rabid anti-Catholics who desire them to be true. 80. 40. 76. Catholic Tracts is a Pennsylvania Domestic Fictitious Name filed on March 21, 2016. Schismatics In other words, the Catholic Church does not teach Mary worship, and spreading this slander is ungodly. Catholics do not worship. Do not fear these anti-catholic tracts and comics as they are nothing but empty wind void of substance and truth. 46. Miracles and Visions Hell

25. “For you alone are the holy one, You alone are the Lord, You alone are the Most High Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit in the Glory of God the Father, amen.”. The Sacramentals 70. 27. Of course not. 34. The Eucharist One wonders how that is possible. Jesus Christ It would be nice to see him quote a source or show where the Catholic Church teaches this. 22. Male Priesthood 36. It is one thing to disagree with someone’s religion, but it is something else entirely to present countless falsehoods and then proceed to tear apart and condemn what wasn’t true in the first place. In their final form, tracts are a series of psalm verses; rarely a complete psalm, but all of the verses from the same psalm.

The Existence of God Reconciliation

65. Sin 8. 86. The Novus Ordo 13. At Catholic Truth, we help Catholics to discover, deepen, and defend their faith, to be transformed in Jesus Christ, and help non-Catholics to come home. Anointing of the Sick The company's filing status is listed as Cancelled and its File Number is 6380835. 81. 6. Liturgical Abuse Anti-Catholicism 23. Tracts are not, however, necessarily sorrowful. The Precepts of the Church Miscellaneous Issues 15. Eschatology/Punishment&Suffering As stated before, the claims grow even more outlandish and certifiable in his anti-Catholic cartoon comic books known as the Alberto Series. They are restricted to only two modes, the second and the eighth.

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