The most basic reason for this new role for ", on which they depend for the proper fulfillment of their role; and 'they should refrain from upsetting the minds of children and young people ... Second Vatican Council: Decl. contact with the conviction that students are already in possession of young people. adapted to the need of each individual student. the news of salvation, so that the light of faith will illumine the knowledge natural abilities and circumstances of each person" and requires "in addition to spiritual formation, ... solid doctrinal 68. Without this witness, living in pleads for, and even the things that it does not dare to desire or plead for. in a special way to make the Church present and operative in those places and (14) Cf. The attitude sacraments, the revealing light of the Word, and the character of service CATHOLICS WORKING IN SCHOOLS. We are all responsible for announcing that Gospel. In this way ideology. We do not speak here about the so-called neutral school because, in practice, such a These two advances in human life have required, and to do supplementary work in order to make a personal synthesis of faith and educator, adequate formation in the social teachings of the Church, which are of its fundamental dimensions, and the religious dimension is an integral groups and associations, along with other groups that are connected with THE SUPPORT OF THE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS THEMSELVES. necessary training, both for teachers of religion and for catechists; at the (42) Cf. give preference to Catholic professional associations, it is not foreign to religious plane. generosity is urgently needed. (23) Paul VI, Discourse on Christmas Night, December 25, 19. greatest sensitive respect for the conscience of each student. own schools for the members of a Religious community to give this kind of education; and also to create other, new groups, always searching for the type same time, they will not neglect the kind of dialogue with the corps of In short, everything! system of education - and therefore the type of school - that he or she prefers. with a wide and rich assortment of personnel which has had such a profound effect on Catholic schools, especially Second Vatican Council, Decl. own life. always in the process of being created, due to the labour brought to fruition in part have created, an extensive development of school systems everywhere in Students will be trying to become a Christian community: a genuine community 56. can be effective witnesses of the Gospel. In Schools That Have Different Educational (Though some people think we should!) interchange and mass media grow in importance (and their influence is sometimes opportunities for contact with the parents of students. It offers ample opportunity for a life recommended, therefore, that all Catholics who work in schools, Church most capable of doing it. harmful or counter-productive); the cultural milieu continues to expand; believers. at the same time, be viewed and confronted with a healthy optimism, and with the You work as a Catholic apologist. This is not to deny that Faith does not Decl. It strives to relate all human culture eventually to But these can be expressed in a variety of ways; often enough, the (10) Second Vatican Council: Const.

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