Shockwave, Part I Eager to visit the deep-space colony of a race called the Paraagans , Captain Archer leads an away team toward the surface of an alien planet. Daniels' whereabouts by the end of the story are left completely open-ended, no doubt to leave him available for future storylines involving the temporal cold war. No buildings, no trees, no people. I don't know. Archer and Daniels are trapped in the destroyed 31st century without a time portal to send Archer back to Enterprise. Enterprise 02×01 – Shockwave Part 2 I then took a look at the comments and was reminded that the scene when T'Pol is on her bed in a skanky midriff tank top and Archer talks to her was actually worse than Hoshi losing her shirt.

This, of course, is inevitably full of the usual time paradoxes — and I wonder if Daniels should be blabbing about a Federation that Archer knows nothing about — but I've always been a sucker for the theme of sprawling consequences because of individual contributions (harking back to my affection for TOS's "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"). Archer shows up in T’Pol’s quarters in the middle of the night wearing his PJs to let her know that everything is awesome and that she’s probably what made the difference. Archer gives a speech about gazelles in Africa being better than humans before T’Pol steps in andlaunches some torpedoes of truth about how the Vulcans aren’t that great either. ARCHER [OC]: Last time on Enterprise.

After swinging by Phlox’s quarters to pick up some hypos, Hoshi shows up at Reed’s quarters topless after a “comedic” series of incidents. Certainly I was hoping for something more interesting, but deep down I suppose I should've expected something along these lines. Subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes!

Sure, it was all too easy, but after Voyager's "Year of Hell pt.2", this seems much more satisfying.

For sure it did not reach the high points of part one, and aspects of the plotting were fairly risible. Unfortunately, Silik now finds that he cannot contact the Shadow Man (why is left unclear; perhaps the timeline has been too muddled). Welcome to Season Two of Star Trek Enterprise, guys!

The reset button was really heavy on this one. I also doubt that once Archer is back in the 22nd century, he could single-handedly thwart the Suliban attack on the Enterprise by taking Silik hostage. While Silik’s buddy strongly advocates for blowing up the Enterprise, Silik advises him to have the surgeons get ready and to deliver him the Vulcan for some drug-assisted interrogating. This all feels hastily scripted and unconvincing. Star Trek: Enterprise / Season 2. Daniel realizes that the future has changed with the absence to Archer, and together they go to the library to research how the time line was damaged. Even IMdb has part II reviewed higher than part I. ARCHER: (Ready room) The mission's been cancelled. Check out our newest show, Disco Night – A Star Trek Discovery Podcast. Action, Adventure, Drama, Captain Archer and temporal agent Daniels have been stranded in the 31st century. It's no secret that writers set things up in the first instalments of two parters without knowing how they are going to resolve them (Best Of Both Worlds being the most famous example) but Shockwave Part 2 is made of the purest "Handwavium" with stuff just happening because the writers needs them to - in order for the show to be reset to the status quo. This season two opener doesn't bode well for the rest of the season as I remember, but I'll stick with it this time (didn't think we'd have to wait this long for a new Trek TV series). 2-01: Shockwave, Part II. Another huge loose end in the episode: The last time we saw Hoshi before the Suliban left, she was guarding 2 unconscious Suliban.   |  I understand and agree with most reviews on this site (especially DS9 and BSG) but I just rewatched this two-parter and find myself on the fence. Near the end we have the Enterprise under attack by a dozen Suliban attack pods, and the pyrotechnics are engineered just like a Voyager battle scene, with phasers firing like crazy and consoles on the bridge exploding.

Silik ends up retrieving Archer through time by activating a device the Enterprise crew has fooled him into activating, because Silik thinks it may contact the Shadow Man. Part 1 was really great and part 2 could have made the whole thing a stand out masterpiece.

Captain Archer and temporal agent Daniels have been stranded in the 31st century.

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