From the bloodstream, the sporozoites reach the liver through gliding motility. Life cycle of Plasmodium vivax is digenetic i.e. As mentioned earlier, members of the genus plasmodium are digenetic. Like all malaria parasites, P. vivax has a complex life cycle. P. vivax starts the infection cycle through an infected mosquito sending saliva into an injection wound while extracting blood to stop coagulation of the blood, sending sporozoites from the mosquito's salivary glands into the bloodstream. As such, they complete their life cycle in two hosts. Life cycle of Plasmodium vivax. they complete their life cycle in two hosts: 1. 1) Gametocytes – Stage 1 – The male gametocytes called microgametocytes and female gametocytes called microgametocytes are transmitted through an anopheles mosquito during a blood meal. This cycle consists of both sexual and asexual cycles that occur in the vector/mosquito and vertebrate respectively.

It infects a definitive insect host, where sexual reproduction occurs, and an intermediate vertebrate host, where asexual amplification occurs. The life cycle of Plasmodium vivax is digenetic involving two hosts as mentioned earlier. This life stage is known as sporozoite. Exoerythrocytic stage, in which the sporozoite undergoes multiple rounds of asexual divisions (merogony or schizongony) and matures into merozoites. In P. vivax, the definitive hosts are Anopheles mosquitoes (also known as the vector), while humans are the intermediate asexual hosts. Its life cycle is completed both by asexual and sexual phases.

Plasmodium parasites have an elaborate life-cyle with multiple stages: Infective stage, when the parasite enters the vertebrate host with a vector bite. 2. Primary host or definitive host: Female Anopheles mosquito is the primary host. During its life cycle, P. vivax assumes many different physical forms. Secondary host or intermediate host: human is the secondary host.

Life Cycle of Plasmodium: Plasmodium parasites have a complex life cycle that includes three stages namely Gametocytes, Sporozoites and Merozoites. The organism which contains sexual phase of the parasite and is regarded as definitive host.

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