Yalding Hill They love to create stories like that.

However, both appear to be content with their current place in the football hierarchy and the city’s potential to become a major European football base may well yet be fulfilled. The Union stadium, Stadion an der Alten Försterei, is an absolute joy to behold for any people who enjoy standing, drinking and smoking on the terraces – a mutual interest group that encapsulates the majority of the German football public. However the best way to attract fans to a club is through successes on the field, and since the re-birth in the Bundesliga, the crowds have come flooding back through the turnstiles. In comparison, Union are small fry. Living in Berlin, following the two clubs and knowing fans from both, I never noticed such thing. but also a big ultra group (Desperados) are obviously right wing. Most of them are either left leaning or they dont care/talk about it. Since you are posting in /r bundesliga you are asking about Union and Hertha? While obviously no one is drawing comparisons between Hertha BSC and the third Reich (beside maybe the most die-hard of Union fans) it is understandably difficult to replicate the deep feeling of pride that resonates from the woods in Köpenick. Christian Arbeit, head of communications at Union Berlin, said the campaign "Bleed for Union" was created by the fans. What about the league in general? Union aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, or not everyone’s beer, to translate directly from German, but nonetheless attract an interesting crowd; groundhoppers from all over Europe visit the truly unique stadium and stand among the ultras, whose stances against the pyrotechnic ban and overly aggressive policing are vocal and strongly supported. Photograph: Annegret Hilse/Reuters Hundreds of Union fans welcomed the team bus to the stadium with red flares of … The 2010-2011 2. There was no fan violence and the police presence (surprisingly for Germany) was distinctly low key. However, an advantage of the running track is the creation of the Ostkurve, a showpiece of traditional European fan culture at its loudest and most colourful.

FC Union Berlin in 1966 behind the iron curtain, the two teams from the capital had never met in a competitive match; a record only eclipsed by FSV and Eintracht Frankfurt’s forty-eight year itch finally being scratched earlier this month. Union's subsequent two-legged victory and promotion saw the club become the first from East Berlin and the fifth from the former East Germany to gain passage into the Bundesliga.

Yalding Yeah, as a supporter of Union in knew right and left wing people who are fans of the club. Press J to jump to the feed. The omens appear, from the early season exchanges at least, that Hertha will flourish again in the top tier, whereas Union appear more likely to teeter around the trap door to footballing obscurity than to mount a serious promotion charge. Being right wing has become kind of taboo in Germany in the last few years. I think it's a misconception where people assume the smaller, more underdog team in a big city has to be left, because they know that from another city (Hamburg). How does everyone come to the conclusion that Union is more left-leaning? I think it's a misconception where people assume the smaller, more underdog team in a big city has to be left, because they know that from another city (Hamburg). IIRC there was a small but prominent right-wing group in the ultra base. The club itself leans more to the left I think as they do a lot against racism and homophobia. Twenty miles to the west and seventy five years previously, the Olympiastadion was built by the Nazis for an Olympiad designed to promote the superiority of the Aryan race. "This was a very strong symbol of what people are ready to give," said Arbeit. After 34 matches in the German top-flight, the team shot a range of different perspectives, which have come together to be the club's official season review. The size and layout don’t help matters. I was reading a lot of articles and threads on the internet about the political leanings of German teams in general, but opinions about Berlin teams were few and sometimes differ. Union Berlin coach Urs Fischer gets a beer shower. My Club is Werder Bremen and it has a pretty leftist scene, I‘m very proud of that :). Bundesliga season was extraordinary in many ways, and from a Berlin perspective, the entire derby experience was a one-off event. The whole fan scene is very heterogeneous. Unless the sides meet in a cup competition, the chances of them playing each other in the near future seem slim.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Hertha feels like just no extrems. And since you're a Hertha fan, what are your relations with Union and other Berlin-based clubs?

I think it's because the media are hyping them as the new "Kult-Club". The gulf between the two Berlin clubs is vast in every sense.
Living in Berlin, following the two clubs and knowing fans from both, I never noticed such thing. At this type of game there will always be ramifications for the vanquished and every fan present crossed fingers that they could walk into their office, school or in-laws sitting room without fear of ridicule. I hear about this a lot with European football (I'm Canadian) and it all sounds so weird to me. The Stadion An der Alten Försterei's official capacity is listed as 22,402, but Saturday's attendance was recorded as 22,467.

Bundesliga is Germany's top-tier football league. The deceased were even counted in the official attendance. www.kelsey.co.uk, TILT Digital Agency WordPress Designers and Developers in Kent, The dark heart of Italy: the demise of AS Lodigiani, Inter turn to Claudio Ranieri after Gasperini reign of confusion, WordPress Designers and Developers in Kent. Potless and having never played in the Bundesliga, despite a UEFA Cup appearance in 2001, until recently the red and white Eisernen had languished quietly in the regionalised fourth tier of German football. Your comparison with St.Pauli is also spot on. Both are more or less not political. The costs of their tickets were paid for by supporters. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. READ: How Borussia Dortmund is leading gootball's fight against the far-right in Germany, READ: Europe's next generation of football stars shine across the continent.

The fates of both clubs are inextricably linked to their political backgrounds, and comparisons of east and west will always be made.

While it would appear that Union had nothing to lose, the tag of plucky underdogs was rejected by fans and management alike. Then do most of the clubs some work against racism, homophobia etc, but there are in fact clubs in which the right are more present under the fans, for example does Borussia Dortmund have a problem with right wing supporters (0231 Riot e.g.) Until then, particularly if you are a Unioner….Savour the memories. The most famous club for its political leanings is St. Pauli (in league 2), it‘s quite left.

As seen in the 2006 World Cup final, the curious gate at one end of the ground, atop which Hitler observed the genius of Jesse Owens, breaks up the atmosphere and the running track distances fans from the players.

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