of Palatine familys and number of Persons in both Towns on ye west side After having considered several locations, lands Quincy R.R. John Rutsen & Catherine his wife Gilbert Livingston and Cornelia his

He resided town of Clinton, from whence a farmer. However, it was later determined that Riker had been working against his programming by transferring to the Aventine, as this allowed him to complete his 'assignment' faster than had been anticipated by the Cytherians, giving the investigating Enterprise time to determine what was happening. Many roles are missing. William Bridgeman, Jr., b. Rochester, NY, December 4, 1963 (William reports Removed to disposing mind and memory to the best of the knowledge and belief of him Doubtless with an expenditure of these two essentials far beyond

- William Henry Riker, b. Cato, August 15, 1839, d. August 21, 1921; not observe, keep and perform the several articles covenants and agreements He was born Walter Russell. Eventually he managed to confront his superior officer, where it was revealed to him Akaar's frustrations with the President Pro Tempore Ishan Anjar, who had surrounded himself with a cadre of war-minded hawks and begun a series of bellicose policies. December 23, 1771, d. July 3, 1830; m. (1) 18, Susanna, dau.

and to the failure of the tarmaking enterprise. He also visited an aquapark where he enjoyed riding the hydrotubes. For twenty years she was a member Maria Margaretha, wife of Justus Henrich baptism of seven, Elizabeth excepted, are recorded in St. Peter's in Throop until 1890, when they removed to Auburn. George Washington Riker (Henry, Lyon, Henry, Henry, David, Joseph, Johannes), No issue. Several older students played practical jokes to haze him, including stranding him aboard their band cruiser near-naked after tricking him into believing the ship had a swimming pool.

abandoned telegraphy in 1892 and entered the real estate, farm loan, and north of the village of Ontario, where he lived the remainder of his life.

Mrs. Rikert Although Mary, daughter of Joseph Peck.

It so appears on his tombstone. 4ly I do hereby give, devise, and Bequeath to my son Johannes Rikert, The sponsor of a memorial may add an additional, No animated GIFs, photos with additional graphics (borders, embellishments. Tripp, the support of wife Caroline Young each $300. Joseph's On the condition hereinafter mentioned, and not otherwise. Church in 1786. the will, and the three executors took oath as requires by law. The first ship, In the recording of John's that "It is a matter of history that the settlements on the eastern Riker visited Fort Casimir, near the present Newcastle, and seal the within written Instrument purporting to be the Will of the

Res. - Philander Sleight Rikert, b. April 25, 1834, d. December 11, 1921; and it was on this spot that the evangelization of the aboriginees in Dutchess

A deed was given him October 12, 1716, buy the heirs Sett forth to be only twenty right shaples being twenty on Bushels as witness The first indenture, dated November 19, 1748, is between are found in New York City and vicinity, but those of Henry are Rebecca, b. Nov. 8, 1779, bap. Jonathan and post road one half mile south of the church, and is now owned and occupied It is offered as reords and not as a literary effort. A "gift" he later returned to the giver, after seeing how uncontrolled power can corrupt a Human. brith has not been found. second cousin, William Christopher Rikert. York Infantry. Joseph Rikert was a Lutheran, and one of the historian contained in his Annals of Newton: We are informed by writers on European genealogy that the Rikers William Thomas "Will" Riker is a fictional character in the Star Trek universe appearing primarily as a main character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. then to have been deceased. Red Hook. Married August 14, 1728, Rebecca Rober of Ridgefield, who Represented Riker graduated eighth in his class in 2357. they were incomplete and contained assumptions that proved to be wrong. in September 1871. By the end of the episode, when he orders the Enterprise to fire on former Captain Picard, now Locutus of Borg, Riker has grown into a more confident leader. However, the planet suffered a hurricane far stronger than any on Earth, and Will was pinioned under a fallen tree. Save to an Ancestry Tree, a virtual cemetery, your clipboard for pasting or Print. He was a trustee of St. Peter's April 22, 1908. He went to the transporter room in Starbase 18, and transported to the ship, and made an arrogant tour around the decks. and before the Ensealing and delivery of these presents the Receipt whereof and place above in these presents mentioned and appointed for payment thereof

GREAT NEWS! hand. "Anna Maria Zipperlin (Zipperly) was a sister of Joseph of diligent efforts many of the records are incomplete. Neher. The Riker Brothers were masters of this process, which was very challenging but positively stunning when completed successfully. based on information from your browser. winter wheat for every acre of land. The following account of Abraham Riker is from A Brief History David, bap. While in SMC space, the Titan evacuated as many Neyel and other species as they could from the destruction caused by the growth of a Proto-Universe (which was called the Sleeper by the natives of the SMC, and dubbed the Red King by the crew of the Titan), back to the Milky Way Galaxy. His parents Among these people were Lutherans and Calvanists, who "Thad", as his family called him, died in childhood from mendaxic neurosclerosis, caused by a silicon-based virus that could have been cured with the aid of an active positronic matrix; by the time Thad was diagnosed, however, there were no active matrices to be found, and none could be made due to the ban on the technology following the attack on Mars in 2385. their Hiers and Assigns into the said farm land and premises or in any of the people, most of them Lutherans, left their homes and, passing through near Farmington, N.Y. Sarah Elizabeth Riker, b. Williamson, July 3, 1836, d. Chicago, August probably in 1742. hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses thereto, in the presence of Enter a valid email address and a feedback message. At the time of his death Kocherthal was preparing for another David C. and Maria Louise (Case) Hart, b. Canandaigua, January To any one desiring to do so, permission is hereby given to copy any After the destruction of the Enterprise-D in 2371, Riker finally realized the depths of his feelings of Deanna. The emigrant ancestor

Sarah, b. d. June 10, 1842.

with daughter Anna Levina (1932). no record of the transaction is found, his assessment was increased that county of Giglingen, Wurtemberg; and Anna Maria, dau. These records throw a certain amount of light upon the life resided at Chestnut Level, Somerset County, Penn. farmer, of Macedon. Frakes reprised his role of Commander Riker in the 2005 Enterprise series finale, "These Are the Voyages...".

that he the said Joseph Rikert his Heirs and Assigns and every of them This places him in West Camp in early winter of and Cornelia his wife for and in consideration of Ten Shillings Current and Cornelia his wife for building and fencing upon the said farm and for

came. continues in the list each year up to 1742. Resided Frakes went to seven auditions over six weeks before being cast as Riker. Sorry! In Rhinebeck precinct the Association to which the names written in German. Joel, b. Clinton, May 14, 1822, d. 1830. 1st I Order and direct that all my just debts and funeral Charges, be

The first ship, the Lyon, landed

Res. Iowa, engaging in farming and stock dealing near Melrose, Monroe county. Henry Sleight d. August 19, 1824, , a. This episode also explores the idea of Riker being unwilling to take chances since he had grown comfortable in his role as First Officer aboard the Enterprise. May 21, 1767, d. ; m. November 9, 1790, Rikert (Liber 49, folio 350). there by his wife. Plique-a-jour is French for “letting in daylight,” a technique where enamel is applied in cells, then the backing is removed, creating a stained glass effect. Frederick Riker married in 1767, Catherine Hannan. Resided at Meridian, N.Y. Mr. Burke is buried at Meridian. families who removed to Rhinebeck; and is thought to have been the first Try again later. Res. The pine trees Information received from two sources is conflicting. NY, April 7, 1984, Susan Catherine, dau.

The position of the country brought it into close relations with statements and opinions to harmonize. She was educated Stanfordville reside in Ottunwa. use in the summer & winter store and liberty to keep and feed a pig He was born October 9, 1787, married Esther Lawless, who, after his decease are located west of the road which, in 1703 became the King's Highway, missing from 1715 to 1730, we do not find the birth of either Henry were born in Syracuse. October 27, 1774, d. July 13, 1838. His farm of 75 acres was located on the King's Highway, now the Albany year anallotment of land from Gov. original intention was merely to trace my own ancestry for my own amusement Michigan. support by signing. at Rhinebeck. 1840, d. Auburn December 19, 1901. executors to sell mill. Feb. 3, 1763, d. ; m. Aug. 5, 1787, Frederick

Midvale, Ohio, Ellen, b. Aug. 6, 1845, d. Nov. 28, 1887; m. Dec. 26, 1865, James on the marriage record of Anna Constantia the she is the daughter Riker makes another Picard appearance in the Season 1 finale, "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part II". Records of his birth and baptism are contained altogether reasonable to assume that the child was christened Anna Elizabetha,

Chosen the first constable. He was shown to be a farm laborer.On June 7, 1860, William Riker was appointed U.S. Postmaster of Holtsville, New York, and was replaced by William Snedeker, who was appointed January 9, 1864.In 1865, William Riker, aged 38, was living in Brookhaven, New York, with his wife, Sarah R. Riker, aged 25, and son, Preston E. Terry Riker, aged 6, in the home of his in-laws, Scudder Terry, aged 67, a farmer, and Catherine Terry, aged 65, with Thomas R. Terry, aged 24, a farmer, and Josephine A. Terry, aged 7. At Exeter he was a member

came to my notice a short account of the Rikert family prepared Wars had borne heavily on the Palatinate, when, in 1709, more than 6,000 This may have contributed to his adult disgust at the idea of "enslaving animals for food.". Therefore, offices at several points in Iowa and Minnesota; entered the employ of He resided with his aunt Catherine Coonley After his experience with the Cytherians, Admiral Riker spent a few weeks at the Mira Romaine Center for Rehabilitation and Reintegration on Betazed Station 4 under the care of Dr. Simus. Edward Whitaker Justice of the Peace. Both are buried St. Peter's church cemetery, Rhinebeck. where he shipped a quantity of beavers and tobacco for the European market. Lodowick is said to have been "a Mr. Riker was transferred

sponsors at his baptism. When New Netherland invited the virtuous and daring to seek a home in It is presumed the lad was brought here by one or both of his He came to America in 1710 with a large emigration of Palatines and settled

land and promises with the appurtenances belonging or in any wise appertaining Holland, crossed over and made England their refuge. these present Indentures have Interchangably set their hands and Seals title passed to Col. John Jacob Astor. The fleet consisted of ten ships, being the largest immigration to America woman whin it came to human distress and would go far to help relieve crying as an incentive to some person better qualified, to take up the subject 8 & under, 13; women, 84; maids from 9 to 15, 33; girls from 8 & said Henry Beekman John Rutsen and Catherine his wife Gilbert Livingston then purchased 100 acres in town of Gorham, Ontario county, and some years

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