One of the best ways to deal with this combo is to plant a Discord orb on her and let hitscan heroes like McCree and Soldier: 76 go to work. Zenyatta is one of Overwatch’s support heroes, providing a unique form of healing that briefly helps allies who are no longer in his line of sight. He believed that the way to repair the problems between humans and omnics was not through dogmatic teaching but through interpersonal connection and engagement. When and who to attach the orb to is the first step in understanding how to use Discord. Once mastered, Zenyatta can be one of the best supports and a high damage hero to guide teams to victory. Mar 20, 2017 Players must be vigilant in knowing where safety is whether it’s a teammate, health pack or hiding spot. Learn more about cookies. The required points to fully charge your ultimate is slightly deceptive, as Zenyatta can quickly gain ult charge if he takes an active part in damaging enemies. eval(ez_write_tag([[970,250],'tentonhammer_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_2',106,'0','0'])); 1. Tip - Orb of Discord automatically targets an enemy when fired so it’s a great tool for locating enemy Heroes that might not be fully visible. Their speed and maneuverability are hard for Zen to combat against, and he will come out of those fights the loser in most scenarios. Players need to watch their positioning, use Discord and Harmony Orbs and know when Transcendence is best used. 9. You always want to stay in the backline of your team at approximately 25 to 35 meters. Bei dieser Info dürft ihr uns allerdings nicht zu genau nehmen, da Blizzard beim Texten dieser Zeilen immer noch ordentlich an der Mechanik der heilenden Sphäre herumschraubt.Die Sphäre bleibt bestehen, bis ihr oder euer Mitspieler das Zeitliche segnen. Beim Aufladen eurer Sekundärfähigkeit nutzt ihr immer bis zu fünf Sphären und verbraucht dementsprechend fünf Munition. However, it doesn’t mean you’re useless - any amount of healing or damage multiplication is invaluable during this period and your range, if playing properly, ensures at the very least you can tend to your team from afar. Sogar ein halbes Magazin aus Tracers Doppelpistolen reicht aus, um ihn zu erledigen. on

One headshot (on either the front headshot zone or back damage multiplier zone) will increase the damage enough to land the killing blow in one burst. One of the trickiest heroes in the game to kill, Pharah is especially lethal with a Mercy attached to her, providing healing and damage boosts. Pharah: Probably one of the toughest matchups for Zenyatta, her aerial ability combined with splash damage from her rockets pretty much guarantees your death 1 on 1.

This effect remains until the Orb of Discord is returned to Zenyatta. Zenyatta enters a state of heightened existence for a short period of time.

Discord is best used on heroes with 200 health or less since the extra damage will definitely kill them once the team turns on them. Die Fähigkeit wird durch die fehlende Munition nicht abgebrochen und auch nach dem Wirken eurer Attacke werden euch keine Geschosse von euren insgesamt 20 verfügbaren abgezogen. 3. While transcendent, Zenyatta cannot use abilities or weapons, but is immune to damage and automatically restores his health and that of nearby allies. Mastering the feel and the aim of Zen’s projectiles are key in maxing out his potential, as he is truly lethal from a decent range. Zenyatta’s Transcendence is one of the game’s best counters to a number of offensive ultimates, like Genji’s Dragonblade, Soldier: 76’s Tactical Visor, or Zarya’s Graviton Surge. Bedenkt außerdem, dass Reaper, Tracer, Mei und Zarya den Debuff mit ihren speziellen Fähigkeiten wie Phantom, Zeitschleife und Kryostase entfernen können. Receive news and offers from our other brands? It’ll allow your team to easily push through a heavily guarded area or choke point. When to pick Zenyatta. This creates a numbers advantage in the coming team fight. It should be noted and this is particularly important with all Zenyatta’s Orbs, that if he loses line of sight with a Hero who has an Orb active, it will only last for 3 seconds. Good targets for Orb Volley are enemy heroes without mobility powers, like Roadhog or Zarya, or enemies who are temporarily slow or unable to move—a McCree using High Noon, a Shadow Stepping Reaper, or Bastion in Sentry mode. The spread on his pistols ensures he really can't miss and you can't deal damage fast enough to kill him. Zusätzlicher Vorteil: Dank eurer Sphäre der Zwietracht kassieren die Tanks mehr Schaden. By seeing through the eyes of the healer, this Zenyatta guide will help players learn how to properly play the omnic. Additionally, it is a great tool for healing a target up when they are disabled by abilities such as McCree’s Flashbang, Mei’s Blizzard, Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, and Zarya’s Graviton Surge. Gegen Supporter und Nahkämpfer kann Zenyatta gut abschneiden, wenn er mit seinen Sphären trifft. Ein optischer Indikator, wann ihr eure volle Fünf-Sphären-Salve abfeuern könnt, ist die Reihenfolge, in der sich die Kugeln aufbauen (siehe Bild nächste Seite). 6. Heilt Mitspieler und blockt gegnerische Angriffe. Ammo: 20 orbs

Whether it’s a problematic tank with a high health pool, or a squishy support hero who is keeping them alive, Discord is one of the game’s most useful tools in damage dealing.

Blog Overwatch: The Best Top 500 Zenyatta Guide and Tips [2020] With the recent meta shift, Zenyatta went from underdog to top dog. That means mastering his weapon makes for easy kills on snipers and other DPS heroes.

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Am Ende schauen wir uns noch an, wie sich der Held im Vergleich mit anderen Helden schlägt, wann ihr im Vorteil seid und wann ihr lieber die Flucht antreten solltet. At some point either before or after leaving the monastery, he encountered Genji, who had left Overwatch and was conflicted with his nature as a cyborg. Communicate which targets has your Orb of Discord, so that your team will focus them. While Orb of Discord can help out immensely, Zenyatta’s ultimate is arguably one of the most game-changing abilities in Overwatch.

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