From this point on, the city really became his home. A couple in Nova Scotia are passing their love of Beethoven to their young son by way of some old technology -- a record player. Let’s dive in! Among the singers are Ludwig van Beethoven, the grandfather, and his son Johann.

It was not in Bonn, his native city, but in Vienna, at the time the musical capital of the world, that Beethoven's enormous musical talent began to develop. Beethoven gave only a few performances in private houses. However, such behavior meant that Pfeiffer only lasted a year in Bonn and so Ludwig was soon free from his influence. At the same time Ludwig began attending classes with a little known musician called Christian G. Neefe. Ludwig van Beethoven (the grandfather) married Maria Josepha Poll and had 3 children together, from which only one survived. In the early years in Vienna, Beethoven was known more as a performer than a composer, and he used to take part in competitions with other pianists. He simply opposed the relationship, because he considered the young widow as a member of a lower class (most probably meaning intellectually).

her father, who had died, had been Head chief at the castle of Ehrenbreitstein. In 1761 he got the promotion and from then on he hold two positions, as he retained the singing duties.

A member of this family left the village and about 1650 moved to Antwerp.

At sixteen he was appointed "Hofmusikant", an appointment, which had no doubt much to do with the teaching and preparation, he received from his father Louis. It was there that the first signs of his genius came to light, and where he had his first experience of life. This marriage was very much opposed by his father, who refused to attend the wedding event. The singer had gradual advancement in the city’s musical life and in society, thus later petitioned to be a Kapellmeister at the Court. ST. REMIGIUS, IN THE FOREGROUND, WITH THE CEMETERY Drawing by W. Schirmer after the engraving by Merian In this church, which burned in 1801, Ludwig van Beethoven, the grandfather, was married to Maria Josepha Poll in 1733; their son Johann here married Maria Magdalena Keverich in 1767. Ludwig's father was the son of Louis van Beethoven. Among the singers are Ludwig van Beethoven, the grandfather, and his son Johann. In Vienna, Beethoven had his best friends and his great masters, and it was Vienna that shaped his personality and his style. Madam van Beethoven almost never smiled, many described her as quiet, suffering woman.

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